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Fibre optics, the best Internet technology.

Bell brings superior and leading-edge fibre optics technology to more homes than any other provider: The Fibe network. This means you enjoy super-fast download and upload speeds around the clock for everything you love to do online.

Fast speeds so you can do everything you love to do online.

With Bell Fibe Internet, you enjoy blazing-fast speeds of up to
50 Mbps.1 And in neighbourhoods where fibre optics is delivered directly to the home, you get even faster speeds: up to 175 Mbps for both download and upload. No matter the Fibe Internet service, you’ll be able to download shows, songs and apps to your devices as well as upload videos to YouTube® and pictures to Facebook® in a flash.

The only incredibly fast and powerful home Wi-Fi included at no cost.

Surf from anywhere in your home and connect multiple devices with our incredibly fast and powerful home Wi-Fi. Unlike other providers, there are no extra monthly fees.

McAfee®-powered security services included – the best protection on the market.2

Keep your computer, your files and your identity safe and secure with the best security services on the market, included at no extra charge in all our Internet plans.

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Unlimited usage

Unlimited Internet usage.

Add the option of unlimited Internet usage to your Bell Internet plan to enjoy even more surfing, streaming, downloading and uploading without having to worry about your usage ever again.

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The ultimate upgrade for your suite.

Bell offers amazing Fibe services in more condos and apartments than ever. Learn more about customized offers available for your building.

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Moving soon?

Bell Bundles make you want to move. Notify us of your upcoming move to ensure your services will be installed when you need them.

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Our Services

Bell Internet

Bell provides you with your very own access to the Internet. This means blazing surfing around the clock. Plus, you get the fastest upload speeds on the market for sharing and storing your content on the web, and Wireless Home Network is included.

Bell Fibe Internet

Bell Fibe Internet has the only Internet service that gives you as much high speed Internet whether you're downloading or uploading. Plus, the guarantee that the speed you choose is always precisely the speed you get - that's another Bell exclusive. Bell Fibe Internet service is being delivered to new neighbourhoods every week.

Enhanced Internet features

Take your Internet service to the next level. Wireless Home Networking brings more flexibility to your online experience, while PC Care, Anti-virus and Internet Extra Usage plans offer peace of mind.

Internet support

Our online Internet support centre can help you relieve many computer headaches, including maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs, replacement parts and coaching.

Promotions and offers

Enjoy unbeatable deals from Bell Internet. Check out the latest Bell Internet promotions and save on your Internet package.