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Bell Internet

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Bell Internet - Installation

Get Internet that's perfect for laptops and a complete and customized installation.

Get Internet that's perfect for laptops and a complete and customized installation.

Bell Install is a hassle-free way to ensure your Bell Internet service is installed and operating correctly.

Sit back while your Bell technician:


Sets up a wireless Internet network throughout your home - a Bell exclusive

  • Sets up and configures the modem to the primary computer in the room of your choice (room must have a phone jack)
  • Installs phone filters and adapters, as needed

Ensures you're getting the maximum speed from your Internet connection

  • Verifies high speed connectivity from Bell's network to your home (up to your home's demarcation point. Inside wiring not included.)
  • Installs or modifies Bell equipment to optimize Internet connection and speed (if necessary)

Configures your email and browser

  • Sets up your Bell Internet email address with your preferred email service: Microsoft Outlook or Web mail.
  • Configures optimal settings in Internet Explorer

Ensures service quality

  • Checks to make sure you can connect, surf and send email from your computer.
  • Answers any questions you have about your Internet installation


In addition, with Bell Fibe Internet, your Bell technician will install a centralized filter that will help ensure you receive the Fibe speed you signed up for.

Plus, with Bell Install you get convenient appointment times — including evenings and weekends — confirmation of your appointment, and 24/7 technical assistance.


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Bell Install

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To order Bell Internet and set up your Bell Install appointment call 1 877 227-1011 today.