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Existing customers
Bell Tech Expert

Bell Tech Expert

Bell Tech Expert lets you reach a live technical support expert by phone or chat anytime you have a question or need help. Experts are available 24/7 and you can even let them remotely access your computer for faster service.

Spend more time enjoying your technology and less time trying to make it work.

$6.00 /mo. 1
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Bell Tech Expert $6.00 /mo.

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To add features to your existing Bell Mobility service, you must first log in to My Bell and you’ll be directed to the appropriate page.

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New customers

If you are not currently subscribed to Bell TV, you will be able to add an Internet connectivity device after you select your programming package and hardware.


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To add an Internet connectivity device, please log in to MyBell.Log in


Help above and beyond

Bell Tech Expert gives you peace of mind from knowing that experts will fix your problem and answer any questions in a timely manner at no extra cost.

Save time

Don't waste hours trying to pinpoint the problem. With our leading technology and technical experts, we'll find it and fix it.

Save frustration

Leave behind the frustrations of technical problems and let the experts worry about it.

Save expense

We'll fix your problems thoroughly and quickly at no additional cost.