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Existing customers

2Wire 2701

Do you have more than one computer in the house? With our Wi-Fi Home Network from Bell, you can connect multiple computers to the Internet through a single Internet connection. No more taking turns. And best of all, you can go wireless at the same time.

Get a Wi-Fi Home Network included at no charge, when you subscribe to a new Bell Internet service.

Already have Bell Internet? Upgrade to the Wi-Fi Home Networking modem today and you only pay the shipping and handling charge.1


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2Wire 2701 $19.95

Build your solutionthe 2Wire 2701

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To add features to your existing Bell Mobility service, you must first log in to My Bell and you’ll be directed to the appropriate page.

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Your Bell TV solution

New customers

If you are not currently subscribed to Bell TV, you will be able to add an Internet connectivity device after you select your programming package and hardware.


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With Wireless Home Networking from Bell, you get:

More value and convenience

  • Use one Internet connection for all your computers. 2
  • Share devices such as printers and scanners without having to unplug or move them.
  • Install the network quickly and easily - no CDs required.
  • Get a strong wireless signal that's perfect for multi-story homes thanks to an advanced triple antenna design.

More flexibility

  • Share music, photos, videos and other files among the computers in your home.
  • Go wireless - connect your PCs to each other and to the Internet without having to run extra wires around your home. All you need is a wireless adapter on each computer you want to connect.
  • With a wireless adapter on your laptop, you can surf the Web, email, chat online, etc., from virtually any room in your home.

More fun

  • Connect your gaming console to your Internet service and go head-to-head with gamers anywhere in the world - or right in the next room.
  • Enjoy music files or online radio programs on your home entertainment system. With a media adapter, you can send pictures, audio and even video from your computer to your stereo system or TV.

More peace of mind

  • Our Wireless Home Networking modem is backed by the 24/7 tech support you trust from Bell.
  • If the modem ever fails, we will replace it at no charge for as long as you remain a customer.
  • "Always on" encryption provides advanced security that helps prevent wireless intrusions and lets you control who can access your wireless network.

1-2 Certain conditions apply .