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Wi-Fi Home Network

Do you have more than one computer in the house? With our Wi-Fi Home Network from Bell, you can connect multiple computers to the Internet through a single Internet connection. No more taking turns. And best of all, you can go wireless at the same time.

Get a Wi-Fi Home Network included at no charge, when you subscribe to a new Bell Internet service.

Already have Bell Internet? Upgrade to the Wi-Fi Home Networking modem today and you only pay the shipping and handling charge.1

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Includes: $19.95 in a bundle.  

One-time only. Will appear on your account 4 to 6 weeks after activation.

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To add features to your existing Bell Mobility service, you must first log in to My Bell and you’ll be directed to the appropriate page.

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New customers

If you are not currently subscribed to Bell TV, you will be able to add an Internet connectivity device after you select your programming package and hardware.


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To add an Internet connectivity device, please log in to MyBell.Log in


Bell Internet

  • Intel® Pentium®166 MHz or better
  • 32 MB of RAM
  • CD-ROM drive
  • 12 MB of free hard disk space
  • Microsoft® Windows® 98SE Millennium Edition, 2000 or XP


  • Internet Explorer
    5.0 or later


  • (Optional) For a wireless connection, you will need to purchase a wireless adapter for each computer or device on the network
  • (Optional) For a wired connection, you will need to purchase an Ethernet cable for each computer or device on the network