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Existing customers

Bell Fibe Internet

Enjoy fast download and upload speeds.

Bell Fibe™ Internet provides you with your very own dedicated access to the Internet. This means blazing surfing around the clock. With Bell, you can get fibre-to-your-neighbourhood or fibre-to-your-home services. Both services deliver super-fast upload and download speeds with tons of usage to do whatever you want online.

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Fibre to your home

Highspeed uploads and downloads

With fibre to your home, fibre optic wires are fed directly into your home. You get as much speed whether you’re downloading or uploading, a blazing-fast 175 Mbps either way.1

With Bell Fibe Internet 175/175, you can upload 5 MB in songs in a lightning-fast 0.23 seconds and a 25 MB photo album in 1.14 seconds.2

Fibre to the neighbourhood

FTTN speeds

With fibre to the neighbourhood, fibre optic wires feed directly into a central neighbourhood connection. From there, copper wires are connected to your home.

With Bell Fibe Internet 25/10, you can upload 5 MB in songs in a lightning-fast 4 seconds and a 25 MB photo album in 20 seconds.2


1-2See full offer details

(1) Speed and signal strength may vary with your configuration, Internet traffic, server, environmental conditions, simultaneous use of IPTV (if applicable) and other factors; see bell.ca/internet.

(2) Assuming optimal network conditions which may vary, notably for reasons mentioned in legal disclaimer 1.

Fibe is a trade-mark of Bell Canada.