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Check if fibre to the home is available where you live

Why choose Bell and fibre to the home.

  Bell Cable
  1. The world’s fastest Internet technology to more homes than anyone else1
  1. The overall Internet provider chosen by more homes in Canada
  1. The most consistent performance with speeds that stay fast day and night, no matter what you do online2
  1. The best Internet technology for intense online activities such as gaming and streaming2
  1. Almost limitless capacity to increase speed
  1. Best at delivering more than the advertised speed2
  1. Internet that doesn’t go through the cable TV jack
  1. The most powerful Wi-Fi with exclusive tri-band technology
  1. Exclusive battery back-up option to stay connected to the Internet for over four hours during power outages
  1. The best TV service with jaw-dropping 4K picture quality delivered over 100% fibre optic network
  1. Based on homes passed as of April 20, 2017.
  2. Based on SamKnows analysis of broadband performance in Canada, March and April 2016, dated September 1, 2016.

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