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The best Wi-Fi technology for your home.

802.11ac: Super-fast Wi-Fi speeds

Our new Home Hub with AC technology, the very best technology for your home, lets you enjoy the super-fast Wi-Fi speeds.This means you can share content within your home, like HD movies, pictures, and more, significantly faster.1

Up to 3X Faster than the previous technology, 802.11n
Amazing Wi-Fi coverage

Our Home Hub, the first modem with 802.11ac technology, features three antennas and dual-band so you can get a powerful signal throughout your home.

3 antennas

More great reasons to choose Wi-Fi from Bell
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You can recover your password at the simple push of a button.


You can set up Guest Wi-Fi to share your Internet with visitors without sharing your whole network.


You can use your phone or tablet to manage who can access the Internet and when.

Manage who gets on the Internet and when

With the Home Hub's easy-to-use control screen, you get to decide when your children go on the Internet and how much time they spend online.

Easily share your content from anywhere in the home

Using an external hard drive or USB key connected to the modem, you can share your content (music, pictures, movies) with your compatible devices.2 You can even use a compatible network printer.

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