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On Demand Movies - Bell TV

On Demand Movies from Bell TV

Have a sudden craving for a comedy? Or maybe you need some drama in your life? With the new On Demand service from Bell TV, you can watch the latest blockbusters anytime you want. It’s the ultimate home movie experience because only Bell offers movies nationwide in stunning 1080p HD – the highest quality of HD available.

New movies are premiering weekly, including some at the same time they are released on DVD. Choose a movie from our exciting selection and start it when you’re ready – even if it’s 10:49 in the morning or 9:12 at night. You can then watch it as many times as you like for up to 48 hours. Plus, you can pause, rewind and fast-forward with your HD PVR so you won’t miss a second of the action.

See what’s On Demand right now

How to order

With your remote

Fibe TV

  1. Press the VIDEO ON DEMAND button.
  2. Use the BROWSE PAD to find the video you want to watch.
  3. Press SELECT and review the summary information.
  4. To view a trailer, use the BROWSE PAD to highlight WATCH PREVIEW, then press SELECT.
  5. Highlight RENT then press SELECT. Press SELECT again to confirm.

Satellite TV

To enjoy On Demand, make sure that you hook up your HD PVR to a phone line or Internet connection.

  1. Go to channel 1000 (English) or 1800 (French), and highlight the movie you want to watch.
  2. Press SELECT to order the movie.
  3. Select Yes to confirm your order.

By phone

  1. Go to channel 1000 (English) or 1800 (French), and highlight the movie you want to watch.
  2. Press INFO and note the event ID.
  3. Call 1 866 68-ORDER (67337) and provide the event ID when asked.


$5.99 / each All fees included.