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Introducing INVESTIGATION, a new French-language channel available now on Bell TV.

Witness criminal investigations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The INVESTIGATION channel features reality documentaries and crime dramas previously unavailable in French. You’ll learn more about the fascinating world of crime through police and criminal investigations, spy shows, historic trials and much more, all on one specialty channel.

The channel offers a wide variety of shows that will shock and amaze you:

  • Opération police takes you to the depths of the criminal world through significant Québec investigations of the past two decades. You get a first-person account featuring investigators who were involved.
  • Crime 360, combines technology with real-time suspense. Cutting-edge 3D digital photography and incredible computer-generated imagery bring the evidence, and the evolving theories about what happened, to life.
  • Le Dernier témoin (Final Witness) offers, through a compelling hybrid of documentary and drama, a unique look at some of the most shocking murders from the point of view of the final witness: the victim.
  • Steven Seagal : Au service de la loi (Steven Seagal: Lawman) shows the movie star working as a sheriff's deputy in Louisiana. You can ride shotgun with Seagal as he respond to crimes-in-progress, from domestic disturbances to dangerous drug busts.
  • DEA : lutte antidrogue (DEA) gives you a first-hand look as the DEA busts down doors and execute drug raids. Follow agents as they work cases ranging from street level dealers all the way up to international drug traffickers.

Until April 10, enjoy a free preview and see for yourself what makes this channel so unique.

Catch all the action:

Bell Fibe TV
Tune in to channel 1127 (HD) or 127 (SD)

Bell Satellite TV
Tune in to channel 1847 (HD)


until April 10.

To order :

  • Call 1 866 797-8686 (Bell Fibe TV)
  • Call 1 888 759-3474 (Bell Satellite TV)