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Live 24CH,
24 hours in advance, with the Fibe TV app.

Follow the Canadiens off the ice with 24CH Premiere.

Get even closer to the Canadiens with 24CH.

For the fourth season, this hit show takes you behind closed doors, from the locker room to the coach’s office, every week. Bell is proud to give you access to the show 24 hours in advance with 24CH Premiere, the commercial-free director’s cut containing extra footage. Plus, this year, Fibe TV customers can also watch players from a different perspective with the new show 24CH The Valet on TV1.

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Follow the Habs off the ice

See players from a different perspective

Live intimate, touching and funny moment of the Habs players through a car journey led by Maxim Martin, a valet that is far from an ordinary driver.

How to watch:

Tune in to channel 1, only with Fibe TV.

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Every Friday, Bell TV customers that are subscribed to RDS or Canal D can enjoy a commercial-free director's cut, including extra footage of the upcoming episode of 24CH, 24 hours in advance. Watch the episodes on the Fibe TV app.

How to watch:

  1. Launch the Fibe TV app on your tablet or smartphone.
  2. On the main menu, go to On Demand
  3. Go to Bell Presents
  4. Tap 24CH Premiere

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