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Fibe TV

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Call: 1 866 269-8009

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Bell Fibe TV is the best TV service.

Fibe TV brings you ultra-stunning HD, the channels you love, easy recording of several shows at once and a unique combination of features that make watching TV better. Also, only Fibe TV lets you restart a show already in progress from the beginning.1 And because Fibe TV is powered by fibre, it comes with super-fast Internet and there is no need for a dish.


Everything you want from a TV service.

  • Enjoy ultra-stunning HD.
  • Watch blockbusters, classics, primetime shows and full series on demand – simply tune into channel 1000.
  • Record several shows at the same time and store the most recordings – up to 320 hours in HD.
  • Enjoy an easy to use service with a simple and beautiful on-screen guide.
  • Change channels super fast.

Unique features that make watching TV better.

  • Tuned in late? No problem. Restart a show already in progress from the beginning, only with Bell.
  • Move your TV where you want, when you want with Wireless TV.2
  • Watch up to 300 live and on demand channels on your tablet and smartphone with the Fibe TV app. 4
  • Get the only PVR that lets you pause and rewind live programming on up to six TVs.3
  • See the five most popular shows being watched on Fibe TV right now with our Trending feature.

2-hour appointment window

Our professional technicians will arrive in a convenient two-hour window of your choosing, on the date that suits you best, and will take care of everything to get you set up.

Upgrade to the TV service people love.

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Fibe TV vs Cable

See what Fibe TV can do that cable can’t.

Learn more

Amazing services. Unbeatable price.

Outstanding services. Lower regular prices than cable. Extra savings for your first 24 months.

Fibe TV + Internet + Home phone

Regular price

Minimum savings of $10/mo. over cable5

Promo price

$53/mo. off in months 1 to 3,
$18/mo. in months 4 to 24.*

*Applies to full billing periods.6

Included in your bundle:

Our exclusive Whole Home PVR 7
Powerful Wi-Fi throughout your home

$49.95 one-time installation fee on a 2-year contract.8

Available in select areas.

Learn more

Offer details/trademarks

Current as of September 13, 2015. Available to new residential customers in select areas of Ontario where access and technology permit. The Bundle Program may be changed/terminated at any time. Bell is not obligated to provide the Bundle Discount for the duration of term; see Subject to change without notice; not combinable with other offers. Taxes extra. For certain offers, customer must select e-bill and create MyBell profile. Early termination charges may apply. Restrictions apply. Home phone available where not CRTC-regulated. Service area charge ($3/mo.) may apply; see Home phone install includes 1 jack at service entry point (if none); install is $75 for the 1st additional jack, $50/each jack thereafter. Internet : Subject to compliance with the Bell Terms of Service; See Internet Fibe 25 without unlimited usage option: 125 GB/mo.; $3/additional GB; (max. $100/mo.). Fibe TV: Requires subscription to Bell Fibe Internet.

  1. Available with select channels/content, excluding US networks and non-local content, and subject to viewing limitations
  2. Only the PVR needs to be wired to the service. A wireless receiver ($7/mo. rental plan or $199 purchase) needs to be connected to each additional TV (up to 5) and to a power outlet. Customer responsible for use of wireless receiver; do not expose to heat sources, rain or damp and temperature extremes. Range of wireless signal may vary due to electromagnetic interference, home construction material, obstructions and other environmental factors.
  3. Each additional TV requires one HD receiver ($7/mo. rental plan or $199 purchase).
  4. With select compatible iOS devices. Requires Mobile network or Wi-Fi connection. Mobile data charges may apply; use over Wi-Fi at home will count towards your monthly Internet usage. Changing channels feature is only available within your home. [Subject to change without notice. Other conditions apply.] To download the Fibe remote app and for more details:
  5. $132.85 regular monthly rate in a bundle: Bell TV Good package: $45.95 monthly rate, plus $3 Digital Service Fee, less $7/mo. bundle discount; and Fibe 25: $65.95 monthly rate; and Home phone Lite: $36.95 monthly rate, less $12/mo. ongoing discount. All prices are subject to change. Good bundle savings based on competitor $150.41 regular monthly price after 24 months: Home phone service Triple Plan $19.99 monthly price (with 6 features and North American long distance), plus Internet Ignite30: $ 52.99 monthly price plus $14.00/mo. for the Advanced modem rental, (up to 30 Mbps download; up to 10 Mbps upload vs. ( up to 25 Mbps download, up to 10 Mbps upload for Fibe 25), plus TV Digital Basic $40.48 monthly price, plus $24.95/mo. rental for the HD PVR.
  6. Available to new Fibe TV, Internet and Home phone subscribers. Months 1 to 3: $79.85 promotional monthly rate in a bundle is a promotional credit against regular monthly pricing calculated as follows: Bell TV Good package: regular monthly rate $45.95, plus $3 Digital Service Fee, less $18/mo. credit for 24 full billing periods, less $7/mo. bundle discount; and Fibe 25: regular monthly rate $65.95, less $35/mo. credit for 3 full billing periods; and Home phone Lite: regular monthly rate $36.95, less $12/mo. ongoing discount. All prices are subject to change. Promotional price will apply to your first full 30-day billing period and for each full billing period after that, for the duration of your promotion. Your billing period may not start on the day you subscribe to our services. Regular price will apply for services delivered prior to your first full 30-day billing period or if Bell terminates your services during a 30-day billing period.
  7. $0 rental based on $15 monthly rental fee, less a $15 monthly credit. Available to new Bell TV subscribers with continued subscription to three eligible Bell services; see The receiver remains Bell's property. You may terminate your rental at any time provided you return the receiver (early termination fees on programming may apply). Receivers may be new or refurbished at Bell's choice.
  8. Fibe TV: includes installation of modem, Whole Home PVR and up to 2 additional HD receivers; see for details. $50 installation fee for each additional receiver.

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