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Tomorrow's technology

Tomorrow’s technology

The most advanced network technology in the world gives you access to amazing services today and is ready for the advancements of tomorrow.

Blazing-fast speeds

Blazing-fast speeds

With our 100% fibre optic network, you'll enjoy speeds that are as fast whether you're downloading or uploading - up to 175 Mbps either way.

Reliable, day after day

day after day

With fibre optic straight to your home, you are guaranteed that the access speed you chose is always precisely the one you get.

A greener network

A greener

Fibre optic is not only fast, it also has a lower carbon footprint as less energy is needed to build, run and maintain fibre optic networks.

The best on demand experience
Discover the
Fibe network
The best TV service.

The best TV service.

Fibe TV makes your TV experience even better:

The best on demand experience

Only Fibe TV lets you restart a show already in progress from the beginning.1 So whether you tune in midway or just as the credits are rolling, you can simply start from the beginning by hitting Restart.

Wireless TV

Move your TV where you want, when you want with Wireless TV.2

Our exclusive Whole Home PVR

Our exclusive Whole Home PVR allows you to record several shows at the same time and store the most recordings - up to 300 hours in HD.

Tomorrow's technology

Enjoy the best on demand experience with the largest HD library and the best HD picture quality on TV - up to 1080p.

The best Wi-Fi for your home.

The best Wi-Fi for your home.

With Internet access delivered through Canada's fibre optic network, you'll enjoy:

Tomorrow's technology

Internet speeds that are as fast whether you are downloading or uploading - up to 175 Mbps.

Our exclusive Whole Home PVR

The best Wi-Fi with the best coverage3 and the fastest speeds.4

The best on demand experience

The ability to manage when your children go on the Internet and how much time they spend online.

Wireless TV

Get worry-free surfing with McAfee®-powered security services included.5

Choose the speed of Fibe.

Download or upload all your favourite content in as little as:

  An HD movie
(3 GB)
A homemade clip
(700 MB)
A photo album
(25 MB)
A song
(5 MB)
175 Mbps 141 sec. 32 sec. 1.15 sec. 0.23 sec.
50 Mbps 492 sec. 112 sec. 4 sec. 0.8 sec.

Leading industry organizations consistently rank fibre optic and Wi-Fi technology from Bell as delivering the best in Internet performance.6

Reliable Home phone

Reliable Home phone

With Fibe Home phone, get great sound quality, reliable connections to 9-1-1 and emergency services, and the option of adding the
calling features you need.

Three amazing services. One unbeatable price.

Our popular bundles offer the best ongoing prices on the market.

Includes Fibe TV with over 150 channels, Fibe Internet 15 and Home phone Lite.


3-month promo price*

*Applies to full billing periods.8

PLUS, you also get:

Our exclusive Whole Home PVR 9
The best Wi-Fi for your home

$49.95 one-time installation fee on a 2-year contract.10

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