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Fibre right to the home, only from Bell.

Bell is investing more than $1 billion to bring the world's best network technology to Toronto.

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Fibre right to your home

The best network technology lets you enjoy the best TV service and blazing-fast Internet speeds.

Blazing-fast Internet

Enjoy blazing-fast Internet speeds, up to 940 Mbps with Gigabit Fibe.1

The best TV service

Fibe TV brings you the best picture quality and unique features that make watching TV better.

Tomorrow’s technology

Enjoy a network that gives you access to amazing services today and that is ready for the advancements of tomorrow.

Speeds for everything you love to do online. With Gigabit Fibe, you enjoy the absolute fastest internet speeds on the market, up 940 Mbps. 1
Recognized performance. With Fibe Internet, you enjoy a smooth viewing experience for HD video.2

The best TV service

Fibe TV makes your TV experience even better:

  • Restart shows that aired in the past 30 hours, including shows currently in progress.3

  • Move your TV where you want, when you want with Wireless TV.4

  • Access to up to 300 live and on demand channels on your tablet and smartphone with the Fibe TV app5.

  • Record up to 320 hours in HD with our exclusive Whole Home PVR.

  • Access Crave TV and Netflix on your TVs right from your Fibe TV service.

For more information, check out the frequently asked questions:

Q: I heard that Bell is deploying Gigabit Fibe in Toronto, what is this all about?
A: Bell's existing fibre network already delivers blazing-fast Internet speeds and the best television experience with Fibe TV. With Gigabit Fibe, it only gets better. Toronto residents can enjoy the same superior TV service, now coupled with the absolute fastest speeds available. That means more music, more video, more sharing, more of everything you love.

Q: What are the advantages of having Gigabit Fibe?
A: With Gigabit Fibe, Toronto residents are able to enjoy the absolute fastest Internet speeds available. That means more music, more video, more sharing, more of everything you love. As the demand for speed continues to increase, Toronto residents and businesses will be ready for whatever is next. Simply put, the Gigabit Fibe network won't limit what you can do.

Q: Why is Bell deploying Gigabit Fibe?
A: We're passionate about delivering the best and most innovative services to Canadians on any screen they choose, today, and into the future. When it comes to Internet, there is no better, faster technology than Gigabit Fibe.

Q: How does Gigabit Fibe work?
A: Gigabit Fibe uses the best network technology to bring the fastest Internet speeds directly to homes and businesses in Toronto, now and in the future.

Q: When can I get Gigabit Fibe?
A: We are rolling out Gigabit Fibe progressively across Toronto. If you're already a Bell client in this city, we will notify you once it is available in your neighbourhood. You can also enter your address from this page to verify if the service is already available where you live.

Q: Will Gigabit Fibe be deployed elsewhere?
A: We are beginning our Gigabit Fibe deployment in the city of Toronto with expansion to other large cities over the coming years.

Q: How does the rollout of Gigabit Fibe impact me or my property?
A: The majority of work within the city is taking place outside your property, on the municipal right of way. In cases where we need to upgrade portions of our network on your property or in order to connect a buried fibre optic cable to your property, we will contact you in advance. Either way, you can rest assured we minimize disruption and we ensure your property and surrounding areas are returned to normal once work is completed.

Q: Do I have access to or need to be at my property during the Gigabit Fibe deployment in my area?
A: In the majority of cases, you will have access to your property as you normally would. You will be able to come and go as usual and you will not need to be home when work is being conducted.

Q: I don't own my property (condo, apartment, rental); can I enjoy Gigabit Fibe?
A: In the near future, condos, apartments, homes and businesses throughout the city of Toronto will have access to Gigabit Fibe. We are currently contacting building property managers to schedule the installation and gain access permission where required.

If you are a business customer,

please visit our Toronto business page.

Current as of January 3, 2016. Available to new residential customers in Ontario where access and technology permit. The Bundle Program may be changed/terminated at any time. Bell is not obligated to provide the Bundle Discount for the duration of any term contract for Eligible Services, including the Discountable Services; see Subject to change without notice; not combinable with other offers. Taxes and restrictions apply. For certain offers, customer must select e-bill and create MyBell profile. Home phone: Available where not CRTC regulated. Service area charge ($4/mo.) may apply, see Unlimited Canada and U.S: Available to customers who continuously subscribe to three select services. Applies to direct-dialed outbound calls to Canada and the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii, but excluding other U.S. territories), excluding toll-free calls. Calls to certain conference or adult services or to high-cost areas may be restricted, and subject to other use restrictions in Terms of Service; see Internet: Modem rental required; one-time modem rental fee waived for new customers. Upload access speed will vary depending on the distance between the customer's modem and switching equipment from Bell: 25 Mbps. Actual speeds experienced on the Internet may vary with customer's configuration, Internet traffic, server, environmental conditions or other factors. Unlimited Internet usage option: Available to Internet customers with continued subscription to an eligible TV and Internet bundle; see Subject to your compliance with the terms and conditions of your Internet service agreement found at Fibe TV: Requires subscription to Fibe Internet.

Fibe is a trademark of Bell Canada.