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Aastra 390 screenphone

Aastra 390 screenphone

With its 8-line backlit screen, the Aastra Vista 390 has plenty of room for the call log, your phone book and options like Call Display and Visual Call Waiting.



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Not only can the Aastra Vista 390 give you lots of information on its backlit screen, it also features a speakerphone, a 200-name and number phone book, on-hook dialling and prompts in three languages. Plus, it's hearing aid compatible.

  • Know who's calling with this Call Display and Visual Call Waiting-compatible phone
  • Keep all your numbers in its 200-name and number phone book
  • Save time with 10-number speed dial
  • Dial without having to pick up the handset

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Bell Home phone is the most reliable phone service1. It offers great sound quality, is compatible with any alarm system and provides reliable connections to 9-1-1 and emergency services.

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