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BlackBerry® 10

The new BlackBerry 10 operating system provides a faster, smarter and smoother experience that continually adapts to your individual needs.

Peek in and out of your BlackBerry Hub from any app. See if a new message needs your attention - without leaving the app you're in.

The keyboard helps you type faster by learning your typing style and making personalized suggestions along the way.

Start a video conversation with a BBM contact and share whatever is on your screen - photos, web pages, emails - all in real time.

With built-in social networking tools and advanced support for web standards, the BlackBerry 10 browser has been re-engineered for power and speed.

BlackBerry Flow

With BlackBerry Flow, all features and apps now work seamlessly together. Your every move flows effortlessly into the next, so you can complete tasks with great efficiency.

Capture the perfect picture every time with Time Shift. It captures moments before and after each shot so you can adjust and get the best picture possible.

Easily organize your ideas or content - such as emails, photos and web pages - from across the phone and track them until they're complete.

Easily access relevant messages or documents straight from the meeting details. Also, get suggestions based on past correspondence on who else could be on the attendees list.

Get apps that are relevant to you, with recommendations based on past downloads, or stay current and see what your BBM friends are downloading.


Featured BlackBerry 10 superphones

BlackBerry® Z30
BlackBerry® Q10
BlackBerry® Q5