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Existing customers

Bell Mobility - Superphones

What makes a superphone so super?

Super-powerful processors
Dual-core Super-powerful processors

Superphones work hard, giving you computer-like multitasking abilities and richer, smoother graphics.


Super-fast speeds
Super-fast speedsSuper-fast speeds

With speeds starting at 14.4 Mbps, and reaching 75 Mbps on Canada's largest LTE network*, you can surf, stream and share faster. Plus, enjoy Mobile TV by streaming live events or your favourite programming right to your device.

Super-stunning displays
Super-stunning displaysSuper-stunning displays

Next-generation mobile screens, measuring 4" or larger, feature brilliant and vivid picture for movies, clips and images.

(*) With compatible devices based on total square kms of coverage on the shared 4G LTE network available from Bell vs. Rogers HSPA/HSPA+ LTE network. See bell.ca/LTE for details.

The best superphones from Bell

Samsung Galaxy S4™

BlackBerry Z30TM

Nexus 5

Samsung ATIV STM

Sony Xperia® Z1

Samsung Galaxy Rugby LTE™