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Mobile Payments

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Make your smartphone a mobile wallet

Introducing suretap with Bell – now available with CIBC


For a limited time, activate a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ or Samsung Galaxy Note5 and receive a $15 Cineplex digital gift card when you register with the suretap wallet Learn more  

What is suretap wallet?

This great new app lets Bell customers like you turn your smartphone into a mobile wallet. You can make payments (up to $100) quickly, easily and securely using your smartphone. Suretap wallet is currently available with the suretap prepaid card, gift cards and CIBC credit cards, and will be available with more banking institutions in the near future.

How do I use it?

It’s truly as simple as choosing a method of payment, and then tapping your smartphone to a contactless payment terminal. Simply download the suretap app from the Google Play storeTM or, Blackberry WorldTM. Once installed simply add your payment card and you’re ready to start making payments.

Get suretap for:

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But is it secure?

Yes, thanks to NFC (Near Field Communications) SIM cards, which have been certified and approved by VISA™ and MasterCard®, mobile payments are just as secure as using your physical cards. For extra protection and peace of mind, you can also create a 4-digit passcode with the suretap app.

4-digit passcode
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What else can I do with suretap wallet?

You can pay through the suretap prepaid card. The prepaid card can be topped up and used to make quick purchases in any store that accepts MasterCard payments, no matter which institution you bank with. Check your balance, view your transaction history and top up your card directly – all from the app.

You can also store and redeem gift cards from popular retailers. To redeem gift cards, you’ll need to present a serial number, barcode or QC code to the retailer. You can also send and receive virtual gift cards with friends and family.

Learn more about suretap’s gift card partners  
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A suretap-capable smartphone

Bell has a wide selection of compatible Android and Blackberry smartphones from leading manufacturers

See a full list of compatible devices  
Two SIM Cards

A Bell NFC SIM card

Check your phone SIM card to see if it says NFC on it. If you would like more information visit a Bell store

Find a Bell store  

The suretap app

Once downloaded, simply register with the suretap wallet and you’re all set.

Google Play™ store  
Blackberry World™  

Where can I use the app?

You can make payments with suretap at retail locations that have contactless terminals. Simply look for these symbols at your favourite retailers.

If you’re on the go, select the Locations tab on the suretap wallet to find eligible retailers nearby. You can also use gift cards at any participating merchant location.

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What's next for suretap?

With suretap wallet, customers will eventually be able to access loyalty cards, transit and more in the future.

$15 Cineplex digital gift card with suretap app registration1


Get a $15 Cineplex digital gift card when you register the suretap wallet on your Samsung Galaxy Note5 or Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+.2

Available with:

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+
Samsung Galaxy Note5

How to redeem your offer:

  1. Get an NFC SIM card.
  2. Download the suretap app.
  3. Follow the suretap registration process.
  4. Gift card will be automatically loaded to your suretap app within 24-48 hrs.

TM suretap and the suretap logo and other suretap trademarks are the property of Suretap Wallet LP. CIBC is a registered trademark of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

* Trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under license.

MasterCard® is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated.

Bell’s NFC SIM cards comply with global security standards and have been certified by VisaTM, MasterCardTM and InteracTM.

1. Available until December 31st, 2015 while supplies last.
2. Offer is only available to Bell customers on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ smartphones. It may take up to 24 to 48 hours after wallet registration for the gift card to appear within the app. Please refer to Cineplex gift card terms & conditions within the app. Offer available from August 28th to December 31st, 2015 while quantities last. For any further inquiries on eligibility, receiving the gift card and redemption, please go to suretap pormotions or contact by phone at 1-855-929-8729. Suretap or Bell reserves the right to cancel or amend this promotional offer at any time and for any reason. This gift card can only be used at Cineplex locations and the funds are not redeemable for cash.

™/® Cineplex Entertainment LP or used under license.