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Existing customers

Prepaid Loyalty Rewards Program

Earn free minutes with the Prepaid Loyalty Rewards Program

Earn up to 200 free minutes per month for your Prepaid monthly plan.

Simply pay your Prepaid monthly account balance and you'll be automatically enrolled in the Prepaid Loyalty Rewards Program. Bell will count the number of monthly plan payments you make and, after your sixth payment, you will earn minutes every month.

Earn free minutes with the Prepaid Loyalty Rewards Program

Who benefits?

Any customers on monthly Prepaid Voice & Message plans valued at $15.75/month or higher can benefit from this program. As soon as you make your first payment, you'll be one step closer to earning free minutes.

Missed your payment this month?

No problem. Payments don't have to be made in consecutive months. Bell counts the total number of payments you've made, so you'll automatically receive your bonus minutes after your first six payments.

Additional information

  • These minutes will be added to any airtime minutes you may already have in your plan and expire on your next billing date.
  • If you top up after your billing date and a Prepaid plan payment is made, the bonus minutes will be prorated from the date of payment to your next billing date.
  • Each month, we'll send a free text message to your mobile phone telling you how many payments you've made to date.
  • With Prepaid Voice and Message plans, the monthly fee is automatically withdrawn from your Prepaid account on a specific day each month. Each withdrawal is considered a payment. Make sure to top up your account so you have enough funds to cover the fee each month.

  • For more information, please call #321 free from your mobile phone or 1 888 537-9999.

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