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Bell helps governments at all levels deliver services to their citizens more effectively – by improving overall efficiency, and by enhancing public safety and security through leading-edge information and communications technology (ICT) solutions.

Governments at all levels have increasingly challenging mandates. The needs of citizens and businesses are as great as ever, yet resources are limited.

The effective use of ICT is particularly important. ICT solutions from Bell enable governments to deliver better service to constituents while improving public safety and security. They also generate significant efficiencies.

Canada is the world leader in using ICT to deliver services to its citizens. Year after year, a global management consulting and technology services company has ranked Canada first among 22 countries surveyed in its annual study of e-government.

Bell is playing a key role in helping Canada maintain this e-government leadership. Anywhere and everywhere government offices are located in this country – from coast to coast to coast – Bell is there to deliver ICT solutions for public sector institutions. Local, provincial and federal government departments and agencies across Canada have been turning to Bell as a trusted supplier for decades.

Public sector expertise
Bell offers complete, comprehensive ICT solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s governments. We provide end-to-end network and device connectivity management, with a range of network management options to suit different needs and budgets, from straightforward network surveillance to enhanced network performance management.

Whether it’s helping governments on health care, education or public safety issues, the unique ICT expertise offered by Bell will enable you to more effectively deliver on your priorities while benefiting from substantial process improvements.

All levels of government in Canada require superior reliability and security when it comes to their ICT needs. You simply can’t take any chances with public records, information and services. Bell has unsurpassed experience delivering large-scale, robust and reliable solutions for mission-critical needs.

Innovative ICT solutions
Many different citizen services are improved using innovative e-government solutions from Bell. For example, a citizen-centric, multi-channel approach with integrated Web and voice portals increases the quality and efficiency of service delivery.

We also leverage our Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity and IP telephony expertise to foster greater collaboration within and among government organizations, enabling governments to derive maximum benefit from their technology investment.

In the critically important area of public safety and security, the expertise offered by Bell in emergency response management is valuable to any level of government. We offer powerful tools utilizing the latest in wireless technologies, such as breakthrough mobile radio and notification systems. These services are essential to ensuring an effective response to natural disasters or emergencies.

Focus on efficiency
We also provide a range of managed and outsourcing services to help governments at every level achieve maximum efficiency. Among our offerings are tools to transform and integrate your back office, as well as specialized innovations including utility metering, fleet management solutions, and intelligent transportation systems. In addition, we deliver leading shared infrastructure and services, such as Secure Channel.

Secure Channel is a unique initiative developed by Bell and a consortium of industry partners for the Government of Canada. It’s a common infrastructure providing authentication, communication and security services for federal departments and their programs. The result is improved service delivery – anywhere, anytime, online – while generating time and efficiency savings that help departments facing IT budget constraints.

With a proven track record of helping countless government clients, Bell professionals possess an extensive array of capabilities, enhanced by a strong and comprehensive partner network that includes many of the country’s best-of-breed suppliers. We also leverage our exceptional network, which is the country’s largest and most reliable. Above all, we make sure government clients are able to take full advantage of our unrivalled knowledge that comes from over 125 years of building and securing national networks and mitigating associated threats and risks.

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