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As our population ages, society places greater demands on our healthcare system. At the same time, technological advances promise new and better outcomes for patients. However, governments and healthcare providers still struggle with financial, organizational and technological challenges when it comes to meeting patient needs and exploiting new technologies.

This is where Bell comes in. In conjunction with best-of-breed partners, we offer customizable business solutions to meet the critical challenges faced by healthcare organizations, such as:

  • Improving patient care and overall patient experience
  • Enabling access to patient information
  • Increasing service delivery capacity
  • Ensuring a reliable and flexible IT environment to support clinical applications

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Bell's specialized eHealth solutions

eHealth solutions from Bell are tailored to the healthcare realities your staff experience every day. These solutions help your organization better manage patient files, improve access to critical information, and support better communications between staff and patients.

More ICT solutions for your healthcare organization

Bell offers an extensive portfolio of information and communications technology (ICT) solutions. Your healthcare organization can leverage these solutions to streamline processes and inefficiencies; improve information control, management and access; and provide peace of mind to patients knowing their personal information is secure.

  • Unified communications – Give hospital staff a toolbox of integrated communications solutions to improve collaboration (email, instant messaging, VoIP, mobility and conferencing).
  • Wireless – Help your staff stay mobile with solutions such as VoIP Nurse Call Integration, geolocation, wireless LANs, emergency communications and more.
  • Contact centres – Give your community access to detailed healthcare information and advice while improving the way your organization handles and routes incoming calls.
  • Video – Communicate and collaborate with powerful tools like videoconferencing and telepresence. Entertain patients in waiting rooms and throughout your locations.
  • Web – Ensure your online programs meet the unique needs of your healthcare organization and of your clientele. Bell offers services for web analytics and optimization, user experience, information management, web development and more. Our web services can also support more specialized online initiatives such as the Electronic Medical Record solution, Chronic Disease Management solution and Interactive Patient Portal solution.
  • Security – Ensure that the growing volume of sensitive, health-related data that you store and transmit remains confidential, follows federal and provincial compliance regulations, and allows access to the right personnel. Also ensure the physical security of your patients and staff.
  • Data centres – Optimize and consolidate your IT infrastructure to reduce costs, improve flexibility, modernize your data systems and enhance enterprise resiliency.
  • Business transformation – Optimize the healthcare processes and medical technologies within your organization to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

Why Bell?

Bell combines extensive clinical best practice knowledge with innovation, business sense, technological expertise and a thorough knowledge of the healthcare industry to help you optimize your healthcare services.

The foundation of our world-class ICT infrastructure is a high-powered, reliable network backed by multidisciplinary experts. Our highly skilled professionals offer diverse expertise in eHealth solutions, from initial assessment of your needs through design, implementation and support.

Contact your Bell representative today to learn more.

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