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Public Safety

For organizations that are responsible for public safety, being prepared to respond to an emergency is everything. Not only do you need the right plan in place, you also need the ability to communicate and react immediately when a crisis strikes.

Achieving this level of preparedness can be difficult, especially when human resources and budgets are stretched, but Bell can get you there.  We’ve got a truly end-to-end solution that takes you from planning and preparation to response and recovery.  We can conduct a vulnerability and business impact assessment, and from there develop a mitigation and compliance roadmap, driving it to implementation and completion.

Benefit from our experience

Bell is part of the critical infrastructure, and as such our emergency management planning experience is unrivaled.  Over time, we have developed a dynamic public safety framework that brings together the key elements of people, processes and technology with four key planning pillars:

  • Mitigation/prevention
  • Preparedness
  • Response
  • Recovery

Mission critical communications: Enabling the framework
Time and time again the ability to react quickly to an emergency situation is hampered by poor communications interoperability, especially among first responders and with key stakeholders.

We can help your organization avoid this.  We’ll help you put in place a system which delivers secure, immediate information, in an interoperable, cost-efficient framework that can be scaled geographically.  

With our systems integration capabilities and IP network-based solutions, Bell is in a unique position to ensure that your plan is enabled and enhanced with the right mission-critical communications infrastructure and equipment.

Public safety solutions

We have a wide range of professional services, managed services, infrastructure solutions and technologies that can be deployed to ensure that your emergency management system is robust enough to respond to any crisis, including:

Web Solutions

  • IT consulting and development
  • Electronic service delivery strategy
  • Content management
  • Enterprise portals

Converged technologies

  • Network assessments
  • Network architectures
  • Teleworking consulting
  • VoIP consulting
  • IP applications
  • Business strategy consulting

Mobile Solutions

Security and privacy

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