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Web Impresario agent desktop solution

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Contact centres are at the heart of enterprise customer interactions. Agents need to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty, while reducing average handling time and increasing sales.

The role of the agent can be very complex, especially with the evolution of technologies, the expansion of access points, and the increase in customer expectations.

You need to equip your agents with the proper tools in order to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness in your call centres. Bell can help you do that with agent desktop solutions.

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Agent desktops from Bell

Web Impresario is a Web-based agent desktop developed by the contact centre experts at Bell. It provides agents with a unified view of all applications – empowering them to enhance their productivity, ease their workload, and deliver first contact resolution.

Web Impresario collects and routes call information to the appropriate agent. It facilitates and accelerates the integration of Cisco, Genesys, and Avaya CTI solutions into any contact centre environment, no matter how complex.

Bell also partners with Genesys and Cisco to provide a range of other agent desktop solutions. Contact us to discuss your needs, and our experts will help you find the right solution for your enterprise.


  • Full support of inbound, outbound and multimedia communications: unified messaging and universal queue allow for efficient handling of customer contacts
  • Key customer information arrives at the agent desktop, allowing agents to provide relevant and personalized service
  • Real-time statistics provide agents with a gauge of their own performance, and allow your managers to monitor the contact centre at all times
  • Ergonomic softphone interface
  • Application nesting (applications managed inside tabs)


  • Improve customer experience by enhancing agent efficiency
  • Create marketing and selling opportunities
  • Improve the efficiency and quality of each interaction: agents don’t need to ask for information the customer has already provided
  • Use customer feedback to drive new or improved products and services
  • Reduce agent workload
  • Simplify integration with backend systems

Why Bell?

Our contact centre experts are with you every step to plan, select and integrate your agent desktop solution. In addition to CRM integration, Bell can help you develop and execute a complete customer experience strategy.

Bell has developed desktop solutions for over 25 years and for over 20,000 users across North America.

Contact us today to learn more.

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