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Applications and systems integration

Applications and systems integration is the backbone of e-business and e-government, allowing organizations to conduct all facets of their business on the Internet - whether buying and selling, serving clients, or collaborating with business partners and employees.

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How it works

While enterprise resource planning integrates all supply chain activities into a single IT backbone, an e-business/e-government infrastructure is different.

Smaller and much more fragmented, it pieces together the different systems of many internal and external business partners to provide a seamless experience for clients. It provides an IT environment that is agile and responsive to changing needs and processes.

Adopting an e-business/e-government model will allow your organization to react quickly to evolving customer expectations, leading to a positive user experience.

Bell offers integration services for...

  • Enterprise portals
  • Web applications and services
  • Mobile applications
  • Enterprise content management solutions
  • E-commerce solutions
  • E-forms solutions
  • Federated information management solutions
  • Identity management solutions
  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA) solutions


  • Leverage e-business and e-government models to deliver applications that can meet evolving business requirements
  • Integrate service-centric applications and improve the customer experience
  • Enable business process automation
  • Integrate innovative communication channels such as mobile applications
  • Provide anytime, anywhere service
  • Align Web-based activities with business goals

Why Bell?

Applying proven methodologies, the experts at Bell will adapt the e-business and e-government model to the needs of your organization, streamlining the communications between systems and people.

By leaving the complexities of application and system integration to Bell, you can focus on the essentials of operating your business and achieving results.

With exceptional in-house expertise, extensive resources and a full range of Web services to help you put your plan into action, Bell offers the perfect one-stop solution.

Contact us today to learn more.

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