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Contact centre training services

Investing in training and development results in new business opportunities, increased customer satisfaction and greater employee loyalty – giving your contact centres a competitive edge.

Bell offers a range of agent and management training workshops to help your team develop the practical skills needed to maximize performance, strengthen customer relationships, and increase sales. Each of our training services can be adapted and customized to your particular needs.

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Course structure and delivery

All courses are delivered by contact centre experts specialized in training and development. Our courses are designed to be interactive and engaging, using a blend of individual and group exercises, role-playing and informative discussions.

Participants have the opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills by applying them in simulated job environments and experientially based exercises. This enhances the transfer of learned skills to on-the-job performance.

For your convenience, courses will be conducted with a group of employees at your business location.

Agent training

Designed for new contact centre agents or as a refresher for your existing ones, Bell's workshops will develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes of your inbound and outbound agents. We specialize in such areas as customer service, cross-selling, up-selling, and objection handling.

Management training

Contact centre managers play a critical role in overall performance. Bell's management training workshops will develop their skills for operating a cost-effective, productive and profitable contact centre. We provide workshops to enhance coaching, leadership, quality monitoring, planning and much more.

Product end-user training

End-user training is part of any successful contact centre implementation. We tailor these courses to help you best leverage the technology solutions in your contact centre.

Why Bell?

Drawing on our in-depth knowledge of contact centre operations, Bell has been successful in developing and delivering contact centre training for over 25 years. With Bell, you get access to the latest industry expertise, innovative solutions, and the largest team of contact centre professionals in Canada.

For more information and registration, contact a Bell representative.

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