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Governance, risk management and compliance

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Prioritizing your investment in security, compliance and risk protection

Governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) are important to any organization's overall security posture.

Bell can help you manage these interdependent, yet distinct, activities with a comprehensive and holistic approach to IT and business security. We offer a full range of GRC professional services and tools such as the Assessment Platform that can be tailored to your organization's unique needs to create a sound and comprehensive GRC program.

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GRC consulting services

Health checks – A high-level gap analysis assessing GRC in your organization. Our experts evaluate the effectiveness of your security practices and provide guidelines for improvement.

Bell also performs security compliance reviews to evaluate how your organization meets compliancy and regulatory standards affecting your business: privacy legislations, PCI DSS, ISO, SOX, and a range of other federal, local and industry requirements.

Threat and risk assessments – These assessments are a practical and methodical way to determine the level of security required to protect your organization. Bell helps you identify the threats, risks and vulnerabilities affecting your networks, applications, IT systems and physical assets.

A business impact assessment identifies your organization's critical business functions and the IT systems that support them. This is an important first step in security planning: you'll better understand the true effects of a system failure and the priorities for recovery.

Strategy and planning – Bell will work with you on a complete GRC strategy, including short-term and long-term roadmaps to help your organization achieve its desired security posture.

We also help you ensure enterprise resiliency with services for:

  • Business continuity planning to maintain critical business functions during catastrophic events that prevent normal operations
  • IT disaster recovery planning to prioritize recovery of hardware, systems and IT processes
  • Emergency management planning to prioritize all aspects of emergency management (technology, business resources, physical premises, power infrastructure)
  • Pandemic planning to prepare for workplace absenteeism during a pandemic flu

People and processes – Align your people and processes with your overall security strategy. Bell helps you establish governance models and accountability for your organization's stakeholders. For your security teams, we offer training courses for incident management, security testing and more.

Bell also helps you define policies and procedures for security control, privacy control and incident management.

Assessment Platform

The Assessment Platform from Bell is a purpose-built application that provides a full range of assessments, analyses and report generation capabilities to help reduce costs and streamline your organization's security and privacy assessment needs.

Our Assessment Platform includes three optional modules that a customer can choose from, depending on their specific requirements:

  • Privacy assessment manager
  • Threat and risk assessment manager
  • Payment card industry compliance manager

The Assessment Platform from Bell allows you to:

  • Reduce time spent and costs related to assessments
  • Quickly identify changes required for risk mitigation and compliance
  • Build a database of information – gathered through technical assessments – that can be re-used in the future to ease the burden of continual compliance and allow key decision makers to have access to the data gathered
  • Utilize standardized assessments to provide consistent, reliable data for auditors and management
  • Pull together more complete information to determine appropriate avoidance, mitigation and management strategies
  • Provide clear, accurate reports on your organization's compliancy status that can be re-used for future assessments

End-to-end security solutions

Bell takes an end-to-end approach to security. That's why we offer a range of services to help you develop mitigation strategies, implement cost-effective safeguards, and manage your security programs and technologies on an ongoing basis.

We understand that every organization is unique. Our consultative approach allows us to understand your organization and develop customized solutions for your specific challenges. To schedule a consultation, contact your Bell representative.

Why Bell?

With more than 25 years of experience in IT security, Bell understands the many complexities that come with managing governance, risk and compliance. Our experts use a cross-disciplinary, multi-functional approach to developing processes and technologies for your GRC needs.

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