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IVR and voice self-serve solutions

Interactive voice response (IVR) and voice self-serve solutions from Bell enable your contact centre to provide more efficient customer service.

During transactions, IVR applications can obtain valuable information ahead of time and provide this information to the contact centre agent. This eliminates the need for excessive repetition of information by the customer and reduces the time agents spend on each transaction.

IVR and voice self-serve solutions also provide your customers with self-serve options that may eliminate the need to speak to an agent altogether.

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How it works

IVR is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls. IVR forms the backbone of self-serve applications that allow your customers to retrieve account information, place product orders, complete market research surveys and more.


IVR and voice self-serve solutions from Bell:

  • Support touch-tone input plus complex speech technologies like speech recognition, text-to-speech and voice verification
  • Allow for user-friendly application configuration in VoiceXML (the open language used to build IVR applications), with a pre-production environment for development and testing
  • Feature customizable performance reports for call volume, call status, recognition results and more

Delivery options

Bell offers hosted and on-premise delivery options, so you can choose the model that best serves your business requirements.

Voice Select, a completely managed and hosted cloud-based solution – Voice Select provides a range of speech-enabled capabilities without the need for on-site equipment and capital expense. As a hosted IVR, it automatically scales to meet increasing demand by dynamically adding resources from the cloud. When demand levels off, it returns to the original resource level.

Additionally, Voice Select provides complete redundancy. It replicates your IVR in the cloud with multiple instances to ensure service is always available.

Do-it-yourself IVR – Your organization can also choose to manage IVR equipment on your own premises. In this scenario, you purchase the IVR solution from Bell and then choose from an extensive list of options for installation, configuration and management.

No matter which deployment model you choose, your contact centre supervisors can use BluePrint , a web-based IVR configuration manager, to make real-time changes throughout the day in response to the demands of the contact centre. Developed by Bell, the BluePrint application is easily accessible through any compatible web browser.

BluePrint provides flexibility to your organization by working with existing VoiceXML IVRs from various manufacturers – allowing you to choose the implementation options that suit the needs of your organization.


IVR and voice self-serve solutions from Bell help you:

  • Increase sales and improve customer service by providing 24/7 self-service options
  • Reduce costs by automating routine processes and using agents for higher-value roles
  • Increase capacity and operational hours without increasing the number of agents
  • Provide low-cost, multilingual support to your customers

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Why Bell?

With Bell, you're backed by the largest team of contact centre professionals in Canada.

Our contact centre specialists have designed and deployed many applications and solutions using IVR. Bell also pioneered the implementation and deployment of speech recognition, text-to-speech and voice verification technologies.

Contact us today to see how IVR can enhance your contact centre.

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