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Multi-channel service delivery

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A multi-channel service delivery approach allows your organization to provide the best all-around user experience across multiple communication channels or touch points.

It allows users to move seamlessly and in real-time from one communication channel to another, helping users meet their information needs and complete transactions.

Service delivery strategies that integrate processes and communications across channels can help your organization maximize user satisfaction, optimize your operations, and obtain better results.

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How multi-channel service delivery works

There are many ways to create a multi-channel service delivery approach for your organization:

  • You can offer a single knowledge base to users, customers and customer-facing employees to greatly improve customer service.
  • Web services can be designed to support various customer interaction points such as mobile, Web site, interactive voice response, contact centre and point-of-sale applications.
  • Click-to-call and click-to-chat programs can be implemented to support online searches and transactions, allowing users to connect with a contact centre agent.
  • Effective cross-channel selling strategies may allow your customers to order online and then receive the goods in a store, where you have the opportunity to offer support, reinforce purchasing decisions, and cross-sell other goods or services.
  • In e-government, a seamless multi-channel strategy allows citizens and clients to interact with the government in the channel of their choice.

Multi-channel interactions

A multi-channel service delivery strategy is about providing unified, high-quality service across all communication channels.

Bell can help you:

  • Develop your multi-channel service strategy, taking into account all facets of your business
  • Put your plan into action with multi-channel service integration

Our team provides expertise and support for all channels, including Web, mobile applications, contact centres, and in-person channels.

Cross-channel interactions

A cross-channel approach allows your customers to seamlessly move from one channel to another.

Bell can help you with:

  • Cross-channel service delivery strategy - Implement seamless, consistent service delivery and management across multiple channels.
  • Cross-channel selling strategy (Web-to-retail-store) - Implement the right approach and processes to ensure your Web channels stimulate sales in retail stores.
  • Customer assistance strategy (Web-to-contact-centre) - Implement mechanisms to allow contact centre agents to intervene at the appropriate time to support customers.
  • Cross-channel integration - Ensure flawless interaction between communication channels.


  • Improve customer experience and generate revenue
  • Deliver a superior and uniform user experience across multiple channels and touch points
  • Increase the sales conversion rate on your Web channel
  • Increase sales in retail stores through the influence of your Web channel
  • Reduce costs and leverage your Web investments by ensuring your Web services can serve multiple channels

Why Bell?

In creating your multi-channel strategy, the experts at Bell take into account your business drivers, objectives, existing communication channels, and other operational considerations.

With our unique ability to leverage many areas of expertise - from user interface, voice and online communications, application development and systems integration - Bell can help you streamline user interactions throughout your organization.

With exceptional in-house expertise, extensive resources and a full range of Web services to help you put your plan into action, Bell offers the perfect one-stop solution.

Contact us today to learn more.

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