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As the privacy landscape changes and increases in complexity, all organizations must take steps in order to ensure that personal information is protected.

Privacy solutions from Bell help you solve privacy challenges in a strategic and cost-effective way ? no matter how complex the situation.

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An end-to-end solution

Bell's privacy specialists can provide you with a complete solution, drawing on expertise that spans all areas of privacy management, including strategy, processes, governance and tools.

An essential first step is the Privacy Health Check, a gap analysis that provides:

  • An overview of the legislation and standards affecting your organization or specific projects
  • Insight into the types of privacy risks your organization faces and the mitigation of such risks
  • Guidance on establishing an effective approach to privacy management

This analysis sets the foundation for a customized privacy strategy and framework that is aligned to your organization's size, capacity, characteristics and regulatory environment.

We also help you build a complete package of:

  • Privacy compliance and assessment tools configured for single and multi-jurisdiction requirements
  • Protocols for breach notification and secondary use of data (such as health research)
  • Training materials, including online training modules and templates
  • Privacy policies and procedures that are tailored to your organization

Privacy impact assessment (PIA)

Our privacy impact assessment (PIA) processes are standardized and aligned to industry best practices. We use a rigorous project management approach to ensure timely review of documentation and related information. We also conduct interviews and a thorough analysis of your current privacy posture, which results in a comprehensive report that contains recommendations to help you reduce and mitigate your privacy risks.

Bell can also integrate security threat risk assessments (TRA) with privacy impact assessments, which reduces the overall cost and effort by eliminating the duplication in information gathering that would otherwise occur if the processes were undertaken independently. This results in a harmonized PIA and TRA.

The Bell Privacy Manager tool

The Bell Privacy Manager is a tool with a full range of assessment, analysis and reporting capabilities. It leverages governance and risk management technology to provide a detailed compliance analysis of relevant privacy legislation.

The Bell Privacy Manager provides an automated process to manage privacy risk by:

  • Providing a consistent format and structured process for analyzing compliance to legislation
  • Ensuring that the protection of privacy is included as a core criterion for new projects, services and systems
  • Documenting the flow of personal information and personal health information
  • Identifying means to reduce or eliminate privacy risks
  • Building trust and confidence, and ensuring due diligence
  • Utilizing relevant privacy legislation (PHIPA, FIPPA, PIPEDA, etc.)
  • Accommodating projects that do not require a full PIA
  • Driving privacy culture, starting with a policy awareness campaign
  • Including full incident life cycle management to further due diligence and minimize exposure

This toolset enables streamlining of privacy management processes across your enterprise and allows you to conduct a comprehensive multi-jurisdiction privacy compliance analysis when required.

Why Bell?

The privacy experts at Bell bring in-depth expertise and a strong passion for privacy to all of their engagements. Our team draws upon former experience with privacy commissioners, privacy law firms and senior positions in public service.

With Bell as your partner, you have access to a team of nationally recognized privacy consultants, the latest web-based tools and the best practices for privacy management.

Contact us today to see how Bell can protect your business.

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