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Turn your Do Not Call practices into a competitive advantage

On September 30, 2008, the CRTC launched the National Do Not Call List. If your company conducts telemarketing activity, you need to change your calling practices or risk costly fines for non-compliance.

Do Not Call solutions from Bell help your company comply with the CRTC regulations and gain a competitive advantage by maximizing your sales funnel. Our solutions monitor your outbound calls, provide an audit trail, and scale to any call centre environment.

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Hosted, managed solutions for Do Not Call compliance

Do Not Call solutions from Bell seamlessly integrate with your existing business processes, whether your company operates a large contact centre or relies on business development professionals to contact customers individually.

These solutions monitor outbound calls with a simple-to-use interface, helping to ensure that each customer contact complies with regulations. Our solutions also track call activity and generate detailed reports to help you demonstrate compliancy during an audit.

Call Advisor service – Help ensure the compliance of business development professionals who place manual calls with a powerful, outsourced call management solution. Every call is automatically certified as it is dialled, with every dial attempt checked against all applicable restrictions, including internal lists.

Call Search service – Improve efficiency and minimize risk with a unique Internet-based compliance and marketing productivity solution. Numbers are certified on demand against all applicable lists and restrictions. Results are returned instantly to the desktop.

Exemption Advisor service – Rely on automated exemption management to create new customer calling opportunities. Each time a call is attempted or a number is searched, built-in intelligence checks exemption status in real time. The call is routed when rules allow for it and blocked when disallowed.


  • Protect against costly fines associated with violating the National Do Not Call List legislation*
  • Maximize your funnel of prospective customers by identifying applicable exemptions
  • Demonstrate your commitment to your customers and their preferences
  • Protect your company brand and reputation
  • Improve internal communications and agent efficiency

* Warranty provided by Gryphon Networks Corp. to Bell Canada customers. Subject to customer compliance with the Service Schedule.

Why Bell?

Do Not Call solutions from Bell have passed an independent review by Nymity, a privacy research firm. According to the review, our solutions help organizations implement, maintain and demonstrate compliance to the National Do Not Call List and other privacy laws.

Bell is also a Canadian leader in converged ICT solutions. Our team offers diverse expertise in solution design and deployment across a wide range of industries.

Contact us today to find the right Do Not Call solution for your enterprise.

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