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Video conferencing and telepresence solutions

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Video is a highly effective medium for announcements, training, meetings, project management, and even recruitment.

It provides lifelike communication with stunning high definition (HD) visualization – allowing you to collaborate across geographical boundaries like never before, saving travel costs and improving productivity.

With video conferencing solutions from Bell, you get an integrated set of services to help you optimize telepresence, conference room and desktop video capabilities.

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An end-to-end solution

With Bell, you're always backed by a team of dedicated professionals, who provide a range of services and support including:


  • Consulting and design
  • Network readiness assessment
  • Design and rollout documentation
  • Pre-implementation planning


  • System integration
  • Project management
  • Deployment and installation

Management and support:

  • Help desk
  • Monitoring and remote management
  • Maintenance and on-site support
  • Managed bridging service

Hardware options

Desktop video – Video communication right from the office desktop.

Video conferencing – Conference room video communication, on one screen.

Telepresence – Immersive video communications, with a life-like experience on up to three screens.

Bell partners with leading companies including Cisco, Tandberg and Polycom.

Bell-assisted video conferences

Bell's multipoint bridging capability makes it possible to connect multiple sites together into one video conference. We work with your equipment, your schedule and your meeting requirements to make your video conference easy and trouble-free.

Our managed bridging services allow you to:

  • Combine both video and audio-only sites into a single video conference
  • Connect sites with different software and different data rate capabilities
  • Receive a recorded copy of the video conference


  • Reduce travel costs with fewer flights, hotels and other expenses
  • Increase efficiency and remote/teleworker collaboration
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Demonstrate corporate responsibility with fewer greenhouse gas emissions

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Why Bell?

Bell's engineers are certified in both MPLS networks and video technologies to provide you with the best possible video conferencing solution.

As a leading provider of information and communication technology, Bell is in a unique position to provide multi-vendor interoperability for a truly unified and multimedia communications environment.

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