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Web strategy and planning

Web strategy and planning services from Bell enable your organization to leverage the Web as a critical informational and transactional vehicle.

Putting in place a Web strategy helps guide all your online management decisions and ensures that your online tactics align with organizational goals and brand strategy.

An effective strategy also dramatically increases your organization's ability to reach its growth and brand recognition objectives.

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How we work with you

Bell's experts help you build an effective Web strategy to meet your organization's specific needs and objectives.

Your plan can include some or all the following components, according to your requirements:

  • Business analysis - Takes a deep dive into understanding your clients' and your own organization's drivers to ensure your Web strategy will deliver results
  • Web business strategy - Establishes your strategic Web direction so that it is well-aligned with the organization's mission
  • Roadmapping - Provides a detailed plan for your online activities and development initiatives over a defined period
  • Competitive analysis - Surveys your competition so that you know where you stand and what you need to change to stay on top
  • Business case and ROI development - Provides case studies and ROI analyses that help you build your business case
  • Brand strategy - Defines a creative and innovative brand strategy for your Web initiatives to ensure they support your organization's mission and the values reflected in your brand
  • Editorial strategy - Creates a content direction that will meet the needs and preferences of your clients and help you generate the awareness and conversions required to support your objectives
  • Communication planning - Defines how you can reach target audiences by leveraging online and offline marketing communication channels

We help you...

  • Meet business objectives by leveraging the Web as a communication and transactional vehicle
  • Stand out from the competition and stimulate customer loyalty with an effective brand strategy
  • Convert qualified prospects into satisfied customers
  • Plan initiatives that will sustain business results in the long term, while delivering quick results in the short term
  • Merge online and offline strategies in a cross-channel approach that delivers strong results

Why Bell?

Bell combines innovation, business sense and technological expertise to help you optimize your Web presence. With exceptional in-house expertise, extensive resources and a full range of Web services, Bell offers the perfect one-stop solution.

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