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Customer acquisition solutions from Bell help your organization attract and target customers with the right approach, content and tools.

Ensuring your Web site is properly designed and optimized is only part of the equation.

You also need a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy that takes into consideration your company's business model and sales goals. This approach helps you make the right choices in terms of advertising type, media, and design.

In addition to media choice, a sound Internet marketing plan calls for varying tactics at different stages of the customer engagement cycle, such as search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), banner ads, email, mobile marketing, and social media strategies.

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Bell offers a full set of marketing strategies that will help your organization attract targeted customers and citizens.

  • Email marketing – Effectively communicate with, convince, acquire and retain customers
  • Search engine marketing
    • Search engine optimization – Attract qualified traffic based on your specific objectives using organic search
    • Paid listing – Attract qualified traffic through paid positioning campaigns that increase the visibility of your content in search engine result pages
  • Mobile marketing – Leverage short message services (SMS) and ensure your site and email campaigns are optimized to meet the needs of an ever-increasing mobile user base
  • Online campaigns – Create compelling personalized or mass online campaigns to meet your goals
  • Personalization – Customize your site for individual users, and enhance your online marketing campaigns with personalized content
  • Digital signage – Generate more effective visibility in-store, in and around public buildings and for outdoor venues
  • Online media planning and placement – Ensure an impactful presence in online media
  • Affiliate marketing – Leverage the Web properties of an affiliate to drive traffic to your own Web site
  • Social media optimization – Generate publicity through social media, online communities and community Web sites


  • Attract more qualified prospects to your Web site
  • Optimize Internet marketing and digital advertising and get better results
  • Save costs by defining strategies that are suited to specific customer profiles
  • Define evolving marketing initiatives that will drive quick yet long-lasting results
  • Attract new customers leveraging new and innovative advertising channels

Why Bell?

Bell delivers the creativity, innovation and business sense that's required for optimizing digital media as a cost-effective vehicle for customer acquisition, brand equity, product sales and digital service delivery.

With exceptional in-house expertise, extensive resources and a full range of Web services to help you put your plan into action, Bell offers the perfect one-stop solution to help you streamline your digital media strategy.

By leaving the complexities of search marketing, personalization, mobile optimization and other Internet marketing tools to the Web experts at Bell, you can focus on the essentials of operating your business and achieving results.

Contact us today for more information.

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