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Web analytics solutions provide a detailed view of user interactions with your Web site and other online initiatives such as email campaigns and online advertising.

By understanding how and when your prospects and clients are interacting with your content and applications, you can effectively optimize your online presence according to both their needs and your business goals.

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A complete suite of services

Bell has a dedicated team of Web experts who adapt each of the following services to your specific requirements:

  • Auditing – Evaluate your existing Web analytics implementation, reporting and analysis capabilities
  • Implementation – Integrate the chosen Web analytics solution to your Web site
  • Performance tracking – Produce relevant dashboards and reports that help you make sense of the data and develop actionable recommendations
  • Customer experience and satisfaction tracking – Define the metrics that will help you track your progress in delivering on customer experience objectives
  • Optimization – Use Web analytics data and testing to improve your Web site's results
  • Offline data integration – Integrate data from other systems with your Web analytics data

Software and tools

Web analytics tools are highly flexible and customizable to reflect the key performance indicators you need to measure.

Web 2.0 initiatives, streaming media, traditional Web applications, email campaigns, and online advertising can all be tracked and measured. Online and offline data can be linked to provide a full overview of flows and transactions.

Our experts are knowledgeable in a range of analytics tools. We can work with your existing tools, or help you select and implement new solutions. We can also guide and train your internal resources.


  • Understand how online assets perform
  • Improve campaign ROI and conversion rates
  • Build a framework for testing and gathering data
  • Define the appropriate metrics to measure performance
  • Ensure your tracking mechanisms are implemented properly

Why Bell?

Leveraging the full potential of Web analytics, our experts will help you measure performance results against your business drivers, and help you understand where you need to act quickly to meet evolving requirements.

With exceptional in-house expertise, extensive resources and a full range of Web services, Bell offers the perfect one-stop solution.

Contact us today to learn more.

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