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Any time you are considering a new Web site or a change to your current Web site that involves customer interactions, you should undertake user-centered interaction design activities or usability and accessibility assessments as early as possible.

A well-designed site will ensure an experience for your clients and prospects that:

  • Keeps them on your site past the first page
  • Quickly allows them to find the content they are interested in
  • Persuades them to undertake actions – purchases, downloads, registrations – that help you meet your business objectives
  • Provides compelling reasons for them to return to your site
  • Makes it easy and painless to quickly accomplish the tasks they have come to your site to undertake

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How it works

Users can become overwhelmed when constantly exposed to complex navigation and information systems.

That's why Bell ensures every moment of the user's experience, from first click to last, is based on superior interaction design. Your users will have quick and easy access to the content they need, regardless of what device is being used, and whether it's a desktop computer or a smartphone.

Our solutions employ user-centered design principles to ensure optimal usability and accessibility and the best possible information architecture. We leverage our own usability laboratory that's equipped with state-of-the-art tools and software, including eye tracking technology that precisely records users' behaviours on any site.


The following are just some of the tools we use to conduct usability assessments:

  • Task analysis – Evaluates in detail how people accomplish tasks with software or on Web sites
  • Mental modelling and gap analysis – Provides a detailed view of what users and clients expect from interactive services; these tools also enable the design of information systems that match real user needs
  • Personas – Representation of your various target markets in fictitious personas, each embodying certain characteristics (e.g., purchaser, researcher, project manager), allowing you to test your results against these personas
  • Card sorting – A simple, practical, and highly efficient tool that helps organize site content into an architecture that is logical for your clients
  • Interaction design – Provides a blueprint for your Web site that includes:
    • Information architecture – A visual representation of how information will be organized in the site
    • Wireframe – A draft version of Web site pages, showing all key elements and their placement
  • Expert evaluation – Involves a usability evaluation of your site, or specific functions or sections of your site, based on a set of pre-determined guidelines; the review is conducted by a group of experts who are deeply familiar with the concepts of usability in design
  • Usability testing – Measures real online behaviour using a rigorous approach that allows direct observation of user behaviour and identification of usability issues through qualitative and quantitative data; usability testing sessions can take place anywhere in Canada, in French, in English, or both
  • Eye tracking – A precise tool that maps eye gaze across a screen or Web site, and allows usability experts to determine whether users are finding the information required to perform a given task; also allows designers to pinpoint what is working, and what is not, on an interface
  • Focus groups – Provides useful insights into the user experience by directly consulting your customers or prospects with a qualitative approach; this testing format also offers valuable insights into areas that require further testing
  • Accessibility – Helps you offer equal access to online content and services for all people, regardless of the hardware or software they use, their network infrastructure, geographical location, or physical or mental abilities, including visual and mobility impairment; we have expertise in all essential regulations, from CLF 2.0 to Quebec's SGQRI-008


  • Increase the number of Web site visits and repeat visits
  • Improve ROI by increasing application and site usage
  • Reduce total site development costs by improving the interface earlier in the design cycle
  • Obtain relevant and valuable information about user behaviour
  • Reduce gaps between user expectations and Web site architecture
  • Reduce the costs and inconvenience caused by user errors
  • Help search engines yield better results for your organization
  • Ensure equal access to online content and services

Why Bell?

Our team of usability and accessibility experts is second to none in their field in Canada.

We have conducted thousands of usability testing sessions with many audience types: blind users of commercial Web sites, business professionals using mobile phones to browse the Internet, aviation specialists using a dedicated extranet, plus countless other scenarios.

With exceptional in-house expertise, fully equipped laboratories, extensive resources and a full range of Web consulting services to help you put your plan into action, Bell offers the perfect one-stop solution for Web usability and accessibility.

Contact us today to learn more.

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