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Content Delivery Network

Accelerating and enhancing your organization's online performance is critical – especially when a three-second delay is all it takes for people to start clicking away from your website.

The Content Delivery Network (CDN) service from Bell seamlessly delivers your website or bandwidth-intensive multimedia content with the speed and reliability you need to ensure an exceptional user experience.

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How it works

Bell provides the only CDN service in Canada delivered over a dedicated network with built-in intelligence, supported by highly available, fully redundant and 100% Canadian data centres across the country.

Bell also helps extend your reach internationally, leveraging a global private network of 70 data centres and hundreds of service providers. The Bell CDN replicates and distributes your website's content to the data centres that are closest to your end users – speeding up delivery for faster, more reliable downloads.


The Content Delivery Network service from Bell has the features you need, such as:

  • HTTP delivery for fast downloading of large files and website content
  • Automatic optimization and acceleration of dynamic web pages for an ideal user experience in any browser
  • Intelligent routing and load balancing for improved website availability, speed and reliability
  • Built-in redundancy and security to protect against unauthorized access and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks
  • A comprehensive online video platform for managing, hosting, publishing and streaming high-quality live and on-demand video content for any device, anywhere

Our Content Delivery Network service also includes reporting and analytics. You'll get detailed insights into website performance, traffic patterns and more.


With the Bell Content Delivery Network, you get:

  • Improved site performance without having to invest in additional web infrastructure
  • Faster website speeds, even during peak periods
  • The ability to scale content delivery capacity up or down as required
  • Tracking and monitoring data to help you make informed decisions about your website

Why Bell?

Bell has extensive experience designing and implementing IT and network solutions for Canada's top enterprises – all of which are supported by one of the most established, resilient IT infrastructures in the country. Our Content Delivery Network service is backed by industry-leading expertise, a world-class professional services team and a clear commitment to customer service.

For more information about the Content Delivery Network service from Bell, request a callback from a Bell representative.

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