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What is the best way to take your organization to the cloud?

When you are under pressure to do more with less, and do it faster than ever before, cloud solutions offer a compelling model. Decisions you make about the cloud will have a significant effect on business outcomes.

That is why you need to find a knowledgeable and trusted partner to guide your journey to the cloud, someone who can help you map out critical paths. Whether your cloud is public or private, Bell Professional Services experts have the knowledge, the experience, the partners, the data centres and the networks to support you every step of the way.

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Why Bell for cloud professional services?

Bell is a Canadian leader in information and communication technology (ICT) strategies, helping enterprises demystify the cloud and use it to improve business performance and time-to-market. The foundation of our world-class ICT infrastructure is a secure, high-powered, reliable network backed by a multidisciplinary team of 800 experts and over 200 certified virtualization specialists.

Whether you need help with planning and strategy or cloud deployment, you can trust Bell to deliver the expertise you need for assessment, integration, training and migration.

Planning and strategy consultation

By leveraging leading-edge technologies, industry best practices and our extensive network of vendor partnerships, we can create flexible and cost-effective solutions for both private and public cloud deployments. Our Professional Services experts can help you assess your current situation, address critical business challenges, test-drive solutions and optimize your IT infrastructure.

We can also advise you about managed services that give you the ability to respond quickly and cost-effectively to market demands by leveraging your cloud environment. These include co location, hosting, virtual data centres, server replication, as well as development and testing environments.

Your planning and strategy consultation with Bell can include:

  • Cloud readiness assessment – We have developed a structured methodology to help you prepare your cloud services implementation. Bell Professional Services experts will identify the most appropriate cloud applications, the best way to deliver them and the steps you will need to take before you deploy.
  • Cloud security assurance – Bell security experts will help you define and rank your security concerns, and shape them into an actionable cloud security strategy.
  • Cloud strategy and roadmap workshop – This Bell workshop will guide you through the steps to implement your unique cloud security strategy.
  • Private cloud architecture and design – Through a cloud services integration engagement, Bell will work with you to design and integrate your cloud architecture.
  • SaaS support – We can help you prepare for Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings, both from Bell and other service providers. Our Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) proof of concept and migration plans will help in the testing and implementation of BPOS, brought to you by Bell and Microsoft.

Cloud deployment support

When you are ready, Bell professional service experts can guide you through best practices that will ensure a seamless transition to the cloud, including:

  • Pre-deployment assessment
  • Project scope and return on investment
  • Migration strategy and planning
  • Migration and quality assurance
  • Post-migration training
  • Operational and support services

To find out how Bell can help guide your transition to the cloud, contact your sales representative or request that a Bell representative contact you.

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