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Intelligent routing

The intelligent routing solution from Bell provides your contact centre with the ability to direct any customer interaction, using any communication channel, to the most appropriate available agent.

Implementing the intelligent routing solution from Bell ensures the appropriate distribution of customer volume among agents, consequently improving customer satisfaction and the efficiency of your contact centre.

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How it works

Every interaction enters your contact centre through a dynamic universal queue. It is then routed according to a set of predetermined business rules (derived from real-time statistics), customer data and any special situations determined by your managers.

Bell's contact centre experts can work with you to develop contact routing rules to ensure optimal results for your business. By analyzing your existing contact routing processes, our contact centre experts are able to plan and implement efficient interactions for your customers.


Bell's intelligent routing solution:

  • Uses consistent business rules across multiple sites and agent pools in a virtual contact centre
  • Supports both voice and web-based interactions
  • Runs on different configurations to suit your organization's contingency plans
  • Monitors your contact centre operations, agents and queues in real-time – ensuring that issues get resolved quickly
  • Provides flexibility – via a user-friendly interface – that allows managers to update routing strategies as needed


  • Ensure every interaction is handled in an efficient and consistent manner
  • Improve customer service and experience
  • Deliver each interaction to the appropriate agent along with key customer information
  • Maximize up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Segment customers based on customer profile and past experience

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Why Bell?

With Bell, you're backed by the largest team of contact centre professionals in Canada. Our experts will work with you every step of the way, from initial strategic planning to ongoing technical support.

Our experience and expertise translates into customized solutions based on best practices, new technological trends and the most efficient processes.

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