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Quality monitoring and recording solutions from Bell allow you to identify and correct problem areas in your contact centre before they negatively affect customer service and support.

Maximize revenue opportunities by identifying key issues and themes during customer interactions. Automated monitoring practices ensure your contact centre agents are provided with the most up-to-date information on current trends to facilitate cross-selling, up-selling and problem resolution.

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An end-to-end contact centre solution

The contact centre specialists at Bell help you select the appropriate tools and integrate your chosen solution into your contact centre environment.

With quality monitoring and recording from Bell, you will gain a better understanding of customer irritants, helping you take the first steps toward transforming your quality assurance program.

Flexible recording modes

Bell provides three recording modes to address the needs of your organization while ensuring compliance with various industry and regulatory requirements. With Bell, you can choose to:

  • Record all calls, all the time – ideal for organizations that require continuous recording for compliance or risk management purposes
  • Record selected calls according to criteria that you set
  • Record on demand – agents or supervisors can record with the click of a button

Key features

  • Analytical tools identify patterns from recorded interactions to provide valuable information about customer preferences
  • Quickly access recorded calls and email through a search function for easy replay and to speed up response times
  • Multimedia captures record voice and screen activity
  • Monitor agent activity and work status in real-time
  • Crucial audit capabilities for regulatory compliance and fraud reduction


  • Enhance quality control, liability management and customer satisfaction
  • Increase agent productivity – pinpoint training needs and facilitate coaching with playback
  • Share customer feedback among your organization
  • Identify trends, opportunities, and issues of concern

Why Bell?

With Bell, you have access to the largest team of contact centre professionals in Canada. Our experts work to define, design, develop and deploy the appropriate solutions for your organization.

At Bell, we constantly test new solutions in our own 310-BELL contact centres. We take key learnings to our clients, giving you access to best practices, new technological trends and the most efficient processes.

Contact us today for more information.

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