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Like most businesses, your organization increasingly relies on data. But as the sheer volume of information grows and the number of people needing access to it rises, every organization will confront new risks about how data is stored, shared and used every day. Understanding and mitigating these risks will be crucial to the success of your organization.

So how do you better manage the risks that inherently come with data? The answer is about much more than security or even technology. The reality is that technology is of little use unless combined with mature, finely tuned processes and properly trained people.

The following are some of the many tools and solutions that Bell offers to companies looking to ensure the safety of their data:

Data loss prevention (DLP) tools – Protect data in use, data in motion and data at rest through a centralized management framework. Data loss prevention tools help organizations understand how data exits their network and close unwanted exit points.

Health checks and assessments – Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your existing security measures with these evaluation services from Bell:

  • Network Protection Health Check, which validates your firewall, virtual private network, access controls, hardware, security processes and more.
  • Secure Content Health Check, which assesses your information security controls for spam, viruses, spyware, identity theft and more.
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Health Check, which assesses your SIEM infrastructure components and policies.

Threat and risk assessments – These assessments are a practical and methodical way to determine the level of security required to protect your organization. Bell helps you identify the threats, risks and vulnerabilities affecting your networks, applications, IT systems and physical assets.

Network protection – By providing perimeter protection, our security experts can help you avoid the loss of intellectual property, and arm you against intrusions and potentially disastrous breaches. Network protection solutions are available as a managed service or as an independent hardware and software solution, including firewalls, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and intrusion detection.

PCI DSS compliance – Bell offers a number of services to help you comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). These services include strategy development and roadmapping, gap analysis, remediation services, on-site assessments and more.

Identity and access management – Identity and access management solutions from Bell provide effective management of remote access requirements, allowing the right level of secure access to your employees, partners and suppliers. Real-time reporting of online activity helps satisfy both external regulatory and internal corporate policies. We also offer User Management as a Service (UMaaS).

Bell Assessment Platform – Bell Assessment Platform is a purpose-built application that provides a full range of self-serve assessments, analyses and report generation capabilities to help reduce costs and streamline your organization's security, PCI compliance and privacy assessment needs.

Managed DDoS – As part of our upstream security solution, Bell offers the Managed DDoS Protection service to monitor, identify and block DDoS attacks intended for your organization.

Integration services – The Security Professional Services team is there every step of the way to ensure IT security for your enterprise. Once specific vulnerabilities are identified, our experts design customized solutions and test their validity and interoperability through Proof of Concept Lab services.

With the Security Software Integration service, our certified professionals fully integrate a range of technology solutions to mitigate security risks. Bell also offers ongoing technical support services to ensure maximum protection for your enterprise.

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Bell gives you access to the largest team of experienced and accredited security professionals in Canada, complemented by a strong and comprehensive partner network that includes many of the country's best experts.

Bell is a trusted security advisor with the experience and expertise you need to protect your business. To learn more about how to ensure your company's data is secure, contact us to schedule a consultation, and read our white paper on the secret to successful data risk management.

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