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Professional services to support your IPv6 migration

From tablets to network appliances, more and more devices require Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to communicate. For years, businesses have used IPv4 to generate IP addresses but studies now show that current IPv4 systems are running out of addresses. In time, this could affect a business' ability to deploy tablets, GPS systems, PDAs and a wide range of other communication devices.

IPv6 is a new protocol that will fully replace IPv4 over time, and it offers many new capabilities that will benefit Canadian organizations.

Bell can help you make the transition to IPv6 efficiently, effectively and at your own pace, with minimal disruption to your current operations or infrastructure. We offer a range of professional services specifically designed to support your migration, from planning to execution.

Our IPv6 transition experts can help you:

  • Discover undetected IPv6-enabled devices running on your IPv4 network
  • Assess your current IP address capabilities
  • Define your end goals
  • Design your infrastructure and network
  • Test for secure interaction with your IPv6 environment
  • Provide security training and technical knowledge transfer
  • Deploy pilot sites to validate your integration

IPv6 Professional services from Bell

Bell works with you to develop a customized IPv6 implementation roadmap based on our proven and secure phased approach. Our suite of Professional services offers support for the full cycle of your IPv6 migration:

  • Network traffic and threat discovery – Ensure that no vulnerabilities are overlooked by identifying IPv6-enabled devices that could attack the network with malicious traffic.
  • Business strategy planning – Plan your migration according to business drivers and requirements.
  • Security training – Learn how to secure IPv6 networks against threats and attacks, how to analyze and react to denial-of-service attacks, and how to implement security standards and processes to protect the IPv6 network.
  • Readiness services – Get an inventory and map of the devices and software on the network. This will help you determine what needs changing to support your IPv6 strategy and design.
  • Proof-of-concept/simulation plan – Once the design has been developed, an IPv6 testing environment is established to ensure secure interaction. You'll receive documentation and knowledge transfer through hands-on experience.
  • Implementation (production piloting) – Deploy pilot sites to validate your IPv6 integration across your systems and networks.
  • Network optimization – Get ongoing support for incremental IPv6 changes. Bell will help you absorb, manage and scale your new environment.
  • Network diagram refresh services – Get ongoing diagram refreshes based on network activity changes.

Bell also understands that it is essential in any IPv6 migration to perform careful validation and testing to minimize vulnerabilities and disruptions to your existing IPv4 system. To that end, we will continue to provide support and interoperability for your existing IPv4 address services so you can make the transition to IPv6 at your own pace.

Why Bell?

Bell offers a unique combination of in-depth experience and proven methodologies to support your IPv6 migration. We offer:

  • Extensive experience in providing infrastructure solutions to customers across Canada, including multinational corporations, small and medium businesses, governments, the military and financial institutions
  • Sound, repeatable methodologies to support a phased approach to IPv6 adoption
  • In-depth industry expertise to provide support for all stages of your IPv6 migration, from concept to completion
  • Access to best-in-class resources, secure content technology and network protection technology
  • More than 3,000 IP-trained and certified network integration specialists
  • A wealth of best practices

For a deeper dive, download the full IPv6 presentation: An in-depth look at IPv6 and what it means to your business.

To get started on developing your IPv6 implementation roadmap, contact your Bell representative today, or request a Bell representative contact you.

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