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Managed DDoS Protection service

To support your upstream security strategy, leverage Bell's capability to block in-the-cloud distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks before they reach your organization. Increase your productivity and efficiency while keeping your infrastructure costs down.

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Overcoming international threats

Most organizations require worldwide communications as part of their core business, which includes sending and receiving information to partners or branch offices. Your business can be local or scattered across many countries, and this new environment introduces a new dynamic to security.

Technological advancements and the use of online communications, such as social media, can weaken your local network resource protections. You can be subjected to worldwide threats that may not be detected by your users or local security devices.

Implementing a preventative solution that acts on threats – such as DDoS attacks – before they can reach your network is becoming critical to the safety of your business.

The solution

Overcoming DDoS threats requires having the resources to monitor and block attacks before they reach the network perimetre.

As part of our upstream security solution, Bell offers the Managed DDoS Protection service to monitor, identify and block DDoS attacks intended for your organization. When an attack is suspected:

  • Bell's in-the-cloud automated security infrastructure creates an alert
  • The Bell security operations team manages the incident until the issue is resolved
  • Once the attack is validated as malicious, Bell deploys updates to the appropriate router(s) to block the offending source IP address
  • For large global attacks, the destination IP address is black-holed in order to maintain access for that circuit


Managed DDoS Protection is an ideal solution for retailers, financial institutions, governments, manufacturers and other major organizations faced with DDoS threats. This managed service will help you overcome the challenges related to website and e-business services, call centre operations and email management by allowing you to:

  • Protect your revenue and brand by keeping mission-critical applications, systems and networks available and ready for business at all times
  • Extend risk protection by addressing attacks before they reach your routers and/or firewall
  • Mitigate your exposure to compliance and liability issues
  • Enjoy the benefits of 24/7 monitoring so you can more effectively use in-house IS/IT resources
  • Ensure you remain compliant to regulations, such as Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, by protecting the integrity of your network

Why Bell?

Bell leverages the strength and security of our unique in-the-cloud capabilities to offer cost-effective, upstream network protection services. We provide the same protection used in our own core network to mitigate DDoS attacks and ensure your networks are protected 24/7.

As managers of Canada's largest IP infrastructure, our combined security, network and integration expertise makes us the ideal one-stop vendor for your network protection needs.

Contact us today to bring carrier-grade protection to your enterprise.

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