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If you are looking for a hosting solution, there are three things you need to be absolutely sure of: availability, performance and security.

How do you do this? You need to ask the right questions. Find out where data centres are located, and what hosting, systems and storage capabilities you can access. Ask about security measures. Learn about the network that will deliver your applications and information. And make sure you do a comprehensive examination of a provider's service level agreements (SLAs) from end to end.

At Bell, our peerless network capabilities and data centres put us in a position to answer any questions you have about supporting your hosting needs. Bell offers a full range of data centre solutions, including:

Guaranteed performance from Bell

Bell is the only provider in Canada to guarantee end-to-end application security and performance – in data centres and over the network. That is all the security, performance and availability you need for a successful cloud deployment.

Bell's data centres:

  • Are owned and located in Canada
  • Offer class-leading infrastructure, redundancy and availability
  • Have CICA 5970 Type II certification (equivalent to U.S. SAS 70 Type II)

Data centres support Bell tier 1 network

Unmatched by any other Canadian provider, the Bell network goes to extremes to support your data centre implementation. Here is what you should know about our network:

  • Largest Canadian IP/MPLS footprint
  • Rated #1 MPLS network in North America
  • SAS70 certified
  • Carries 80% of Canada's Internet traffic
  • Processes 90% of Canadian debit/credit transactions
  • Provides and manages more than 1 million IP connections
  • Serves 90% of Canada's top 1,000 businesses
  • Achieves availability of more than 99.999%
  • Offers end-to-end, national SLAs on the metrics that matter: latency, packet loss and jitter

Bell data centre professional services

As a proven leader in network and hosting services, Bell brings extensive knowledge and experience. With 5,000 technicians and 3,000 network engineers, Bell employees have the most industry certifications in Canada. And our professional services experts can be with you wherever you are in the cloud, supporting your project from start to finish.

Why Bell?

Together, Bell and Q9 have a combined footprint of 21 strategically located data centre's in Canada's key markets. Bell provides 24/7 management, monitoring and support, and industry-leading provisioning, installation and configuration. As your trusted provider, our data centres also accommodate your business growth requirements – offering the highest capacity for critical IT load with more than 30 megawatts of available power.

Our combination of network and data centre expertise provides a first class solution for enterprises requiring data security and application performance. Other providers who focus on only network or data centre are unable to offer the same seamless combination of security and performance.

Contact us today to learn more.

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