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Ensure business continuity in the event of a security breach or disaster

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How long would it take your business to get back to normal operations after a security breach or disaster?

The ideal scenario would be complete resilience – that is, no time at all. Your customers expect a stable and reliable environment in order to do business with you, so business continuity is critical both internally and externally. While current technologies may seem complex, they can help you achieve the goal of complete resilience.

Assess your organization's readiness

The first step in building resilience is to conduct an impact assessment to find out how well your organization would perform during critical situations. Some examples include:

  • A customer/user data breach occurs
  • The network fails and key data is lost
  • An employee gains unauthorized access to critical information
  • A pandemic affects 30% or more of your workforce

Develop a business continuity plan to ensure security

Less than 30% of Canadian organizations have a business continuity plan to guide employee actions during a security breach or crisis.

If you are like most Canadian organizations and you do not have a business continuity plan in place, your organization could face prolonged business interruption if confronted with an unexpected emergency.

A detailed guide of what to do, including assigned responsibilities, is vital to risk mitigation.

Leverage mobility

With personal data assistants (PDAs) and other mobile devices now featuring complex security safeguards, executives can now carry around the tools to ensure continuity wherever they go. Mobile devices are increasingly used to:

  • Store and update emergency plans
  • Keep the records necessary to conform to government legislation
  • Locate personnel
  • Communicate any time, anywhere and under any circumstance

Why Bell?

Bell gives you access to the largest team of experienced and accredited security professionals, complemented by a strong and comprehensive partner network that includes many of the country's best-of-breed experts.

Our security experts can help you through all stages of the impact assessment process – from assessment through to planning and implementation.

To get started with your impact assessment, download our threat and risk assessment tool. You can also learn more about compliance and risk mitigation in our white paper, Getting to compliance: how better compliance can reduce your risk.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can ensure business continuity in the event of a security breach or disaster.

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