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Risk can never be completely eliminated, but the appropriate security safeguards can lower risk to an acceptable level based on your own particular business drivers and security requirements.

The key to mitigating risk is to treat all aspects of security as a continuous, closed loop – and not as something to pay attention to only when an event takes place.

Benchmark and plan

Where do you stand now? The first step in answering this question is to conduct a benchmark assessment in key areas and compare them with industry best practices. The extent of shortcomings will help you to prioritize remediation.

Key areas in need of security safeguards include:

Strategize, test and refine

Once you have assessed your current security strengths and weaknesses and established priorities for addressing gaps, it is time to formulate a strategy for implementation. Consider bringing in some security management expertise at this point, as sound strategy will lay the groundwork for a low-risk future.

As you implement your program, testing will point to areas requiring adjustment. Keep refining your solutions for continued success. This is an essential component of every security strategy.

You will also need to create a comprehensive guide that covers all areas of security, including a suite of assessment tools. Then put someone in charge of getting the job done.

Why Bell?

Bell gives you access to the largest team of experienced and accredited security professionals, complemented by a strong and comprehensive partner network that includes many of the country's best-of-breed experts.

Our security experts can help you through all stages of security implementation – including assessment, planning, implementation, testing, upgrades and more.

Bell has a proven track record of execution with clients in the public and private sectors. Our expertise is based on the knowledge and experience that come from building and securing national networks for more than 125 years.

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive IT security solutions for protecting your business.

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