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Improve customer experience in my contact centre

Improving the customer experience in your contact centre requires taking an objective viewpoint towards examining the people and processes currently in place within your contact centre, along with the wants and needs of your customers.

Here are some guidelines that you can use to improve customer experience:

Work to understand the customer – Prioritize customer-first thinking. Explore what customers really want and probe into the intricacies of customer satisfaction. This will allow you to gain an understanding of what it takes to ensure customer satisfaction.

A quality monitoring and recording solution is an instrumental tool that can be used to gain insight into the current interactions between your contact centre agents and your customers. Implementing a quality monitoring and recording solution provides you with the opportunity to identify and correct problem areas. Often, contact centre issues can be recognized and corrected prior to negatively affecting customer service and support.

Keep your agents informed – Contact centre agents need access to high-value information about each customer they serve in order to provide superior customer service. Consider implementing a computer telephony integration solution to provide your agents with customer profiles in a quick, clean and efficient manner.

Invest in your best asset: your people – Technology only takes you so far in terms of enhancing the customer experience. Ultimately, your agents have to relate to customers and provide the excellent customer service that completes the experience.

Agent training in the areas of superior customer service, difficult interactions and multi-channel service will give your agents the edge in meeting customer needs, from the first transaction and beyond.

Providing your supervisors and managers with training will help set the leadership guidelines for customer experience within every contact centre environment.

Empower your customers with multiple contact options – Give your customers the freedom to contact you in any communication channel they prefer. Multi-channel contact solutions empower your contact centre customers with the flexibility to reach you by phone, email, web click-to-chat and social media channels.

Interact with the customer on their terms – A key complaint that customers have about contact centres is the amount of time they spend waiting to speak to an agent.

By implementing a virtual queuing solution, you can enhance the customer experience by providing customers with multiple options – they can stay on the line, schedule a callback, or hang up and receive a callback when they reach the front of the queue.

Identify and prioritize high-value customers – By implementing an intelligent routing solution, your contact centre can automatically connect high-value customers to top agents. This ensures top-notch customer service for your most important clients.

Increase agent flexibility by virtualizing your contact centre – Provide agents with the flexibility that improves their work-life balance by allowing them to work from home. They will be motivated to return the favour by working more efficiently.

Make use of technology such as the Impresario agent desktop to give contact centre agents any time, any place access to your contact centre platform. It also offers mobility for supervisors, empowering your contact centre supervisors to monitor the contact centre from any location.

Why Bell?

With Bell, you have access to the largest team of contact centre professionals in Canada. Our experts work to define, design, develop and deploy the appropriate solutions for your organization.

We constantly test new solutions in our own 310-BELL contact centres. We apply key learnings to the solutions we offer, giving you access to best practices, new technology trends and the most efficient processes.

To learn more, visit our contact centre solutions page.

Then contact your Bell representative to see how you can improve customer satisfaction.

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