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Many contact centres are looking for an edge in today's globalized business environment. One of the major ways that contact centres can achieve that edge over their competition is by increasing the productivity of contact centre agents.

Increasing agent productivity is a goal that all contact centres should strive for. When agent productivity increases, customer satisfaction improves, personnel costs decline and customer wait times decline.

Here are some steps that you can take to increase agent productivity in your contact centre:

Increase agent flexibility by virtualizing your contact centre – Provide agents with the flexibility that improves their work-life balance by allowing them to work from home. They will be motivated to return the favour by working more efficiently.

Virtual contact centres allow agents from across the country to work from common queues and be measured against the same key performance indicators, ensuring that customer service is consistent regardless of where agents are.

Make use of technology such as the Impresario agent desktop from Bell to give contact centre agents any time, any place access to your contact centre platform. It also offers mobility for supervisors, empowering your contact centre supervisors to monitor the contact centre from any location.

Ensure your scheduling system is on point – Composing staff schedules on a spreadsheet is inefficient and fails to make use of the intelligence you've gathered about customer contact patterns. Ensure that the right agents, with the right skills and training, are on shift exactly when you need them by using automated workforce management solutions.

Workforce management solutions from Bell allow you to prevent the loss of high-quality agents that results from scheduling inflexibility. You'll also reduce the time and effort spent on rescheduling shifts. By implementing workforce management solutions, your contact centre agents can easily trade and reschedule their shifts with other similarly qualified agents, minimizing the impact on your contact centre.

Streamline the agent desktop – In many contact centres, agents need to work with multiple applications designed by different manufacturers to fulfill a customer request. This makes tasks unnecessarily complex and compromises agent productivity and customer service.

Agent desktop and CRM integration solutions increase agent productivity by consolidating the agent desktop to speed workflow and reduce the need for customers to repeat themselves.

Make use of interactive voice response (IVR) technologyIVR is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls. IVR forms the backbone of self-serve applications that allow customers to retrieve account information, place product orders, complete market research surveys and more.

Intelligent, speech-enabled IVR solutions allow you to serve customers through an automated system in an efficient manner, eliminating the need for agents to fulfill routine inquiries.

For more complex transactions and inquiries where an agent is needed, implementing speech authentication software can help you reduce the time it takes for a live agent to complete each call. IVR configuration tools allow your supervisors to manage the IVR in near real time.

Expand accessibility to increase agent productivity – Sometimes the answer a customer needs isn't available on the contact centre floor. When your agents need help, make sure they have access to the appropriate subject matter experts in the organization. This is vital to increasing both agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

Expert Anywhere solutions from Bell provide your agents with multi-channel presence, allowing them to find designated and qualified enterprise knowledge workers for real-time support.

Why Bell?

With Bell, you have access to the largest team of contact centre professionals in Canada. Our experts work to define, design, develop and deploy the appropriate solutions for your organization.

We constantly test new solutions in our own 310-BELL contact centres. We apply key learnings to the solutions we offer, giving you access to best practices, new technology trends and the most efficient processes.

To learn more, visit our contact centre solutions page and download our white paper, Finding the root cause of customer dissatisfaction with speech analytics.

Then contact your Bell representative to see how you can improve agent productivity and learn about other cost saving ideas.

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