Risk assessment: 6 essential questions to ask about your data

Risk assessment: 6 essential questions to ask about your data

What is your data worth? How is access managed? Where and how is it transported?

These are the kinds of questions that will help you to realistically evaluate the risks facing your data and determine hidden deficiencies.

Think your data is in safe hands? Consider that:

  • For a short time in 2010, 15% of world Internet traffic was mysteriously rerouted through China, most of it unencrypted
  • Internal data leaks are one of the most common means of exposure
  • Choosing the wrong data management partner could mean sharing software, a platform or even infrastructure with unknown third parties

Find out how to evaluate what risks your data poses and what steps you can take to reduce them.

Download this guide to learn:

  • The importance of classifying your data
  • How to determine the possible consequences of exposure
  • How to identify and limit specific threats to your information

As your organization generates and stores increasing amounts of data, the risks associated with mismanagement also grow. This resource shows you how to get an accurate picture of the risks your organization faces.

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