The true costs of managing data: 5 things every IT executive needs to know

The true costs of managing data: 5 things every IT executive needs to know

Businesses today are fuelled by digital information. An organization's ability to become more efficient, gain a competitive edge or bolster its bottom line now depends on how effectively it manages data.

Is your organization taking the right steps to ensure it can control the rising costs of data and capitalize on the opportunities?

Whether you are evaluating the construction of a new data centre, retrofitting an existing facility or considering co-location or hosted models, it is important to understand all of the long-term competitive, risk and cost implications of your technology choices.

This guide details five important – and often overlooked – considerations for how to evaluate the real costs of managing your data:

  • IT infrastructure – How the real costs of owning a data centre go well beyond the initial financial outlay
  • Power – How energy usage can have significant financial implications
  • Redundancy – How network downtime can jeopardize a company's bottom line
  • Security – Why the growing value of data demands new security requirements
  • Scalability – How unpredictable data growth will require scalable data centre solutions

Download this guide to learn how to maximize the potential of your data by ensuring you have a cost-efficient strategy for managing it.

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