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Bell Mobility

Existing customers

Telecom brand
in Canada.

We take great pride in being ranked the most valued telecom brand in Canada. We are also the most considered wireless brand in Canada for clients switching carriers. Join the millions of customers who have chosen us.

Why choose Bell?

of customers
stay with us.

We’re happy to report that 99% of our customers stay with us on a monthly basis – it speaks volumes to our ever-improving customer satisfaction and our amazing service offerings.

One of the best networks in the world.

More about our network

The world’s fastest mobile technology

Bell brings you LTE, the world’s fastest mobile technology. Plus, in select communities across Canada, we’re rolling out LTE Advanced – the next evolution of wireless technology.

million Canadians covered from coast to coast

With access to Canada’s largest LTE network1, you can connect in more places from coast to coast. We’ve added towers and improved our in-building coverage to give customers a better, stronger, more reliable signal.

The largest
Wi-Fi network across Canada

Stay connected in over 4000 hotspots across Canada, including participating McDonald’s®, Indigo®, Chapters® and Tim Hortons® locations.

For the same price, get more.

Who would you choose?
Bell is better.
Bell logo Competitor A Competitor B
Standard monthly rate for an unlimited nationwide plan data2 $80 $80 $80
Total number of cell towers (HSPA+ and LTE)3 Included 9,052 5,443 green checkmark 9,052
Number of live mobile TV channels supported Included 35+ 16 0
Number of corporate owned stores for shopping and service4 Included 7165 251 216

The most live Mobile TV channels

Only with Bell, get the most live TV channels on the go.

More about Mobile TV
Smart Tips

The most corporate-owned stores across Canada.

You can get the help you need, where you need it – from advice on choosing a new phone, to assistance with your existing services.
Find a Bell store

Awesome service – it’s a top priority.

Investing in our customers

In the last two years alone we’ve invested nearly $300 million to improve our processes and tools, and to ensure we’re addressing customer feedback. your voice matters to us, and we measure every customer interaction with the intent of making your experience even better.

Best in class self serve tools

MyBell app
Monitor data usage, check your upgrade eligibility, and even adjust your plan – just a few ways to manage your account on your own terms. tutorials
Find a variety of tips and tricks for using your device, from re-setting your voicemail password to learning how to set up a Wi-Fi connection, our tutorials have you covered.

Bell Smart Tips make your life easier.

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